Marcel Cristian C.

Software Developer

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Software Developer - Freelancer01.03.2018 - Présent

(C++, Lazarus Free Pascal, Delphi, SQLite, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL).
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Software Engineer - Harman Connected Services01.08.2017 - 01.02.2018

- refactoring and automating test cases (for automotive) in C# project.
- (programmatically) updating xlsx Excel files with Open XML framework and C#.
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Software Developer - PSS - Prosoft Solutions SRL01.04.2017 - 01.07.2017

C development with Visual C++ 6;  among several specific  tasks, I developed a small software tool (based on a personal idea) useful for reverse engineering of C source code (it extracts the names of C functions from a C source code file by ignoring C macros, source code comments and strings of characters).
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Software Developer - Freelancer01.03.2016 - 01.03.2017

(C++, Delphi, Lazarus Free Pascal, SQLite).
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software developer - Continental Company01.06.2015 - 01.02.2016

testing and debugging C embedded software for radar sensors (1 month)\n- implementing multithreading (single producer-multiple consumers design pattern) in a Windows application developed with MS Visual C++ 2010: successfully accomplished\n(3 months);\n- migrating a Windows application from MS Visual C++ 2005 to QT 5.4: successfully accomplished (5 months).
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Software Developer - Freelancer01.11.2014 - 01.06.2015

- Delphi, C, C++, Oracle-PL/SQL, T-SQL .
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software developer - Pentalog01.12.2012 - 01.11.2014

upgrading and corrective maintenance of four client-server Windows applications developed with Delphi 2010 and Oracle PL/SQL 10g, within a team of four software developers. Technical environment: Delphi 2010, Oracle SQL Developer, TFS (client),\nJIRA, EasyVista;\n- Producing and updating relevant documentation (in French).
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Software Developer - Freelance01.04.2010 - 01.11.2012

1) Development of a desktop cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) application with Java J2SE + Swing + JDBC + SQLite and NetBeans:   ​   ​  
 2) Conceptor of a new programming language, Lecprog2, which offers high flexibility in programming allowing to combine efficiently declarative programming with (imperative) procedural programming:    ​  A zip archive,, with a Lecprog2 interpreter (Windows application developed with Lazarus Free Pascal) is freely available for download at:    ​
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software developer - Kepler Rominfo01.08.2007 - 01.03.2010 \n\n- I participated to the development of several client-server Windows applications with\nVB6 + Oracle 9 (6 months), Delphi 7 / Delphi 2009 + MS SQL Server 2005 (15 months),\nMS Visual C# 2005 + MySQL 5 (5 months).
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software developer - Amano Software Engineering01.03.2006 - 01.07.2007

development of a Windows client-server application (HR management software) with\nVisual Basic 6 and MS SQL Server 2000; producing and updating relevant documentation (in English).\n- I participated to the maintenance of a C embedded software running on terminals for time management; writing and testing C source code for fingerprint device (1 month).
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Software Developer - Freelance01.04.2003 - 01.02.2006

- development of a Windows application, "Teste cu Lecprog", for computer-based testing with Borland C++ Builder 4:   ​
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software developer - Masterline01.02.2001 - 01.12.2002

development of a Windows application for handling pdf and Word documents with\n\nMS Access 2000 (for GUI) and MS SQL Server 2000 (as database) for PSA Peugeot-Citroën;\n- rewriting a Windows application with Visual Basic 6 and MS Access 2000 database for PSA Peugeot-Citroën (Garenne and Velizy subsidiaries).
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software developer - CSE Paris01.10.2000 - 01.01.2001

I participated to the maintenance of two client-server projects developed with\n Power Builder 6.5 and Oracle PL/SQL 8.
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software developer - ESSO01.02.2000 - 01.07.2000

I participated to the development of a client-server Windows application with\nVisual Basic 6 and MS SQL Server 7.0 within a team of four developers.
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software developer - C.I.C. Paris Crédit Mutuel01.08.1999 - 01.01.2000

development of several client-server Windows applications with Visual Basic 6 +\nMS SQL Server 7, Sybase Server (as databases);\n- creating reports with Crystal Reports that were using stored procedures (as data source) on MS SQL Server.
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software developer - Crinsoft SRL01.05.1998 - 01.10.1998

: software developer at Crinsoft SRL (French - Romanian company), Bucharest: I participated to the development of a client-server Windows application with Visual Basic 5 and MS SQL Server 6.5 within a team of five developers.
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software developer - Softwin01.11.1997 - 01.03.1998

upgrading and corrective maintenance of a Windows application developed with\nBorland C++ 3.1 in a team of three developers.
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software developer - ICI01.07.1995 - 01.11.1997

introductory study of several algorithms in AI: Neural Networks, Machine Learning\n(Clustering algorithm, Inductive logic programming with Progol);\n - study of several algorithms for 3D Computer Graphics: painter's algorithm, BSP Tree; \n - programming in Turbo C++, Prolog, Lisp.
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junior assistant - the University of Bucharest01.10.1996 - 01.06.1997

: junior assistant (temporary position) at the University of Bucharest, Romania : algorithms and programming in Turbo Pascal; formal languages and automata theory (introductory level) .
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Maths teacher - Lycée Jean-Monnet01.01.1992 - 01.05.1992

: Maths teacher, high school level, Queue Les Yvelines, France .

Maths teacher - Lycée Richelieu01.01.1991 - 01.08.1991

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Maths teacher - Industrial high school01.03.1989 - 01.05.1990

: Maths teacher, high school level, at Industrial high school,

Mes compétences


Romanian, English, C Programming Language, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft C-SHARP, French, Microsoft Access, Apple MacOS, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Analyst/Programmer, Seagate Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Freelancer, GUI Applications, Java 2, Standard Template Library, Client/Server, First experience, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, Diploma > Diploma Mathematics, Good Experience, Borland Turbo C++, 3D, Object Pascal, Test Cases, CAD 3D, Microsoft Transact-SQL, Python Programming, Maths Teacher, Stored Procedures, upgrading and corrective maintenance, Inductive logic programming, efficiently declarative programming, Lazarus Free Pascal, junior assistant


Java, C++, XML, SQL, Visual Basic, Delphi, JavaScript, Matlab, Prolog, HTML, Lisp, Scala, Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft Visual C/C++, C, Ruby, Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic 5, Visual Basic 6


Sybase, MySQL, Transact-SQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Oracle 9, SQLite 3

IT Infrastructure


Environment of Development

PowerBuilder, NetBeans, JDK, Oracle SQL Developer

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Design Patterns, Functional Programming, Procedural Programming

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word


Problem Solving, Builder, Time Management


Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Neural networks

Software testing



Computer Graphics

Mes études et formations

"Maitrise d'Informatique", French degree in computer science - fourth year - Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg

"Licence d'Informatique", French degree in computer science - third year - Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg

Romanian degree in Mathematics for four years - University of Bucharest