Rommel G.

Sysops Engineer

115 dollar
8 ans
Querétaro, MEXIQUE

Mon expérience

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Continental CorporationMay 2018 - Présent

As part of the CyberSecurity team my responsibilities have been:
* Development of cyber security requirements, system concepts and building blocks
* Detailed Design, Coding and module testing of Cybersecurity SW modules
* Execution of Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment of Automotive Systems (TARA)
* Lead the cybersecurity team for the HFL project
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Intel CorporationFebruary 2015 - April 2018

As part of the emulation and transactors team I:
* Created emulation/Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) models from a Register Transfer Level (RTL) design using emulation/FPGA synthesis, partitioning and routing tools
* Created hybrid emulation models interfacing RTL models and Virtual Platforms for system level validation
* Developed hardware and software collaterals and integrated them in emulation/FPGA models for Transaction- Based Emulation
* Participated in hybrid emulation projects because of my technical background
* Moreover, I have been recognized because of my leadership and outstanding contributions in those projects by technical leaders of my business unit
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Oracle CorporationNovember 2013 - January 2015

As part of the Communications Global Business Unit (CGBU) I:
* Worked with Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) which is a multi-threaded end-to-end application (implemented in C/C++) for massive billing processing
* Customized several BRM modules such as collections, payment and billing
* Participated in analysis of the requirements and provided the time lines & estimation of several tasks in the projects I was involved and participated actively in meeting sessions with costumers
* Led the analysis of requirements with external costumer and implemented the collections module for DISH company project
* Got promoted to next organization level above of mine in less than one year working for CGBU

Mes compétences


Digital Image Processing, Spanish, JTAG, Hardware Design

Embedded and Telecom


Software testing



VHDL, Verilog, JavaScript, Shell Scripting, Prolog, Oracle PL/SQL, Java, Fortran, Matlab, C/C++, C++


Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

Industrial automation


Application servers

Apache Web Server


Dip, Embedded Systems

Environment of Development

Oracle Jdeveloper, Eclipse IDE, NetBeans



IT Infrastructure

Samba, Sun Solaris, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, VMware, Cybersecurity


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Mes études et formations

Bachelors Degree, Engineering, Computer Engineering - University of Istmo2012 - 2012

Optics, Electronics - National Institute of Astrophysics2011 - 2011