Luis A.

Sysops Engineer

500 dollar
15 ans
Guadalajara, MEXIQUE

Mon expérience

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EMBOTELLADORA AGANovember 2017 - May 2019

Android application development.
Web applications development.
Territory Planner, RoadNet. UPS software for restructuring sales and distribution territories
Version Control with GIT
JIRA, Bitbucket. WFC, AWS, Azure
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DLB Consultoria y Sistemas SA de CVDecember 2014 - October 2017

Development of IOS, Android and Web applications. Web Development in Java and PHP

 Applications for market censuses, use of maps and geolocation. INEGI / DENUE interfaces with Android.

-Google Maps (Web & Mobile)
-Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure
-API: MercadoPago, Volley, Facebook, Twitter, Google
- Java Servlets, Maven, JSP
- C / C ++
- SMS & VoiceCall with Twilio
-IOTs interface {SmartThings, Nest}
- MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite
- VB.NET, C # (MVC 3), LINQ
- IIS / Apache Tomcat / Apache Web Server
-Dreamweaver, WebDev, Android Studio, XCode
- Appcelerator Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio 2012

- Conversational English 65%. Reading and Writing: 90%
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GOPAC SOLUCIONES INTEGALES, S.A. DE C.V.March 2017 - August 2017

Android application development
.NET applications development (C #)
WebDev application development
SQL Server
Java applications development (Desktop)
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Representaciones Fernandez SA de CVMarch 2015 - December 2016

Development of web applications in php and java.
.NET interfaces with Point of Sale. Use of Google Maps API, Charts.
Android applications SQL Server 2008/2012.
Application development in Windows Mobile
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Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V.January 2007 - November 2014

iOS, Android, Java, PHP, .Net
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AutoServicios LocalesJanuary 2005 - June 2006

Management of AIX, LINUX and Windows operating systems
Hardware and software maintenance
Programming in BBX / PRO5 on AIX and LINUX
Point of Sale Maintenance IBM 4683, 4684, 4394
Network services: Samba, FTP, Telnet, Proxy, Communications
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BanamexFebruary 2004 - August 2004

Corrective and preventive maintenance in software and hardware.
Attention ATMs, branches. Technical Support Division.
Tapachula Node 357.
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Sistemas y tecnologias para la educacion y capacitacion, SA de CVDecember 2002 - February 2004

Development of the architecture of the "Administration and Communication System for Distance Learning, SACAD" for this company. Which consists in providing most of the services of an educational institution through the Internet. In addition to the development of teaching models applied to computing and teaching tools such as Chat, Email, Discussion forums. Developed in Java with Servlets.

Internet-based security and services (Mail, HTTP, FTP, Telnet) on UNIX operating systems: Solaris 8 Release 02/02 and Solaris 9 Release 12/03 on Sun FIRE V100 computers [Netra]

Internet-based security and services (Mail, HTTP, FTP, Telnet) on Linux operating systems: Red Hat 7, 8 and 9 on Intel computers.
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Coordinacion de Educacion Tecnologica en ChiapasApril 2002 - October 2002

Development of the system for receiving applications from PRONABES in coordination with the unit for the Evaluation and Information System of the National Scholarship and Financing Program in the State

Development and implementation of the PRONABES CHIAPAS evaluation computer system

Presentation of results of the evaluation of applicants for scholarships from PRONABES

Support in the conversion of data from the developed system to files with special format for BBVA BANCOMER for the preparation of debit cards for those applicants accepted in PRONABES

Mes compétences

Environment of Development

Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Maven


MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Application servers

Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat


Customer Care, Google Maps, Bitbucket, Marketing Strategy, API, Webdev

Analysis methods and tools


IT Infrastructure

Windows, iOS, Git, Linux




CSS, PHP, SQL, C/C++, JavaScript, LINQ, C#, Java, HTML



Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse


Windows Mobile, Android



Mes études et formations

- Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Computer Systems Engineering - Technological Institute of Tuxtla Gutierez1998 - 2002