Alexandru Petrica M.


220 dollar
13 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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Societe Generale EBSJanuary 2020 - May 2020

- Providing technical and functional support to the Sales team for several financial applications like Cascade, NEC, and Onyx, used for booking deals like options, strategies, forwards and future products;
- Application and system monitoring for proactive intervention;
- Utilizing dedicated tools like ITGates for Linux, WinSCP, SQL Developer, Jenkins and Kibana for complex issues troubleshooting;
- Adding value as part of the Neos Project by proposing and testing the new features built-in this new booking application Neos. Within this project, I collaborate with the Business analysts from Romania and Paris as well as with the product development team;
- Acquired skills and knowledge: SQL, Linux
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Sparkware TechnologiesMay 2019 - December 2019

- Providing services/help for the First-line Support team via iTicket system
- Analyzing the problems, identifies their root cause and provides solutions while meeting response time and resolution goals
- Active collaboration with Development and Product Management for new bugs and developing new features;
- Utilizing dedicated tools to troubleshoot software issues: SQL, Nolio, Kibana, Xpolog and Adminbook;
- Creating value added to the internal documents and procedures by creating or updating them on the Confluence page
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OracleAugust 2016 - April 2019

- Providing functional and technical support, troubleshooting and diagnosing software problems;
- Adopting and contributing new processes and tools;
- Working with Product Development on product defects and product improvement programs;
- Managing customer expectations through the incident resolution process;
- Maintaining product expertise in assigned product areas; - Participating in Root Cause Analysis within a products area;
- Testing customers reported issues on internal instances;
- Providing support for Oracle EBS Receivables module, Transactions and Receipts clusters.
- Providing support for Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (Order Management)
- Using SQL queries on customer environments , checking and validating data from tables
- Using basic Linux commands in order to get incident logs from servers
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CielApril 2014 - July 2016

- Managing and prioritizing customers requirements;
- Estimating the deployment period with other departments involved and setting delivery terms;
- Creating business documentation for new functionalities and modules, especially related to accounting, business management, payroll, and production, that are integrated into the application;
- Checking legislative updates and integrate them within applications;
- Informing stakeholders on developments that are underway;
- Creating and updating software user guides;
- Functional testing of Accounting, Business Management, Payroll, Fixed Assets, Audit & Revision software;
- Good knowledge of a range of testing types: acceptance, black box, compatibility, functional, integration, load, performance, regression, system (end-to-end)
- Designed efficient manual test cases based on analysis of Business Requirement documents, Functional
Specs, Technical design documents, Use Cases and other supporting documents
- Querying and manipulating databases in SQL Server
- Worked closely with the functional and development team to resolve the defects and testing issues throughout the Software Development Life Cycle;
- Analyzing and recording situations arising in our internal application CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).
- Installing and configuring SQL Server ( connection remote or onsite intervention ).
- Assuring the connection between the server and clients (network).
- Moving databases (SQL ) at the customer's request (via connection remote or onsite intervention ).
- Creating new users with full rights allocation and setting application compatibility. see less
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National Institute of StatisticsDecember 2011 - March 2014

-producing statistical and operative information required for decision-makers in economic and social strategy
-assimilation of statistical indicators of market economy and implement research methodologies and calculation in accordance with international practice and standards;
-development of qualitative statistics, in addition to the traditional;
-expansion and diversification of data dissemination;
-cooperation with other national statistical institutes to develop a sustainable statistical system, the development of statistical projects in order to ensure statistical comparability with other countries and alignment statistics with EU standards
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RBS BankJune 2006 - August 2010

- Daily reports to NBR
- Reconciliations between operating systems SCORE and Murex / Finacle
- Adjustments OPC - Open Currency Position
- Tracking confirmations related to derivative contracts options
- Verification of exercise at maturity for call and put options
- Records of forex transactions, cross currencies, and deposits in Murex / Finacle Systems
- Interest payments for DCDs (Dual Currency Deposit) at maturity
- Settlement of the transactions once they have been confirmed, i.e.
issuing/receiving payment instructions to/from counterparties;
- Reconciliation of bank and custody accounts to ensure that they agree with the
organization's own records.
- Prepare the material for monthly Alco Meeting
- Verifying the Overnights processing
- I helped on the migration into another system of recording options contracts
- Ensure commissioning and reversal of all fees, interest rates, credit rates, for retail customers;
- Monitor overdraft loans at the expiration date, portfolio analysis and instruct overdraft's renewal under
procedures in effect;
- Make all necessary transactions for customers involved in the life insurance process claims;- Monitor the property insurance process and send feedback to the sales department;
- Handle the release of all addresses and official notices to customers, according to the procedure in force;
- Set credit parameters into the system and is responsible for all necessary updates (currency exchange rates
cost of funds, floating interest rate, etc.).
- Ensure that all loan applications are reviewed according to the procedure in place and accountability is
- Check phone (client/employer) for all credit applications according to the procedure and call-script in place;
- Notify the fraud prevention department of all suspected cases;
- Ensure that telephone communication rules are respected.
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Supercard SRLMay 2005 - May 2006

- Daily bookkeeping using the program CIEL
- Records of fixed assets
- Planning payments to the internal or external suppliers
- Preparation of payment orders to internal and external providers.
- Billing, collection and selling Electrolux products

Mes compétences

WinSCP, Windows, Troubleshooting, Technical Design, SQL Server, SQL Developer, SQL, SDLC, Oracle PL/SQL, MS Office, MS Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Manual testing, Linux, Kibana, Jenkins, Inspector, HTML5, Functional testing, CSS3, CRM