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Mircea C.


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Barcelona, SPAIN

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IBM IrelandNovember 2015 - Présent

MaaS Mobile Technical Support.
- Defining problems, collecting data, establishing facts, and drawing conclusions in regards to functionality of MaaS mobile products managing Apple and Android devices.
- Proving multi-tasking skills with demonstrated ability to follow-through and strong interpersonal/customer relations skills.
- Providing clear and concise explanations to the the customer in regards to MaaS functionality.
- Expressing complex technical concepts in layman's terms, both verbally and in writing.
- Knowledge of messaging systems like Exchange/Lotus, application server and database server essentials.
- Bringing strong customer service, focusing on attention to detail.
- Maintaining a high level of day to day responsiveness.
- Constant updating of technical and functional skills and strong teamwork are essential to working in this dynamic environment.
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IBMNovember 2015 - July 2019

* Deployed and automated deployment for delivering, building, integrating and monitoring resources to optimize continuous delivery/integration and deployment of Linux bash script/python and java execution utilities using like Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible with Python orchestrated for cloud environment such as Softlayer cloud, Azure and Amazon AWS.

* Prepared automated tasks required for to be delivered through Terraform, Urban Code Deployment and Amazon Cloud Formation used to automate deployment of the source's targets hosted by Amazon S3 environment.

* Delivered, deployed, built, delivered services by automating and maintaining Continuous Delivery/Integration pipeline provided based on the configuration of deployment tools like Jenkins, Rundeck, Ansible and Puppet in Softlayer private cloud environment.

* Automated the configuration to be orchestrated using Terraform and Urban Code deployment for the private cloud solutions like softlayer cloud environment used in connection to Amazon AWS and Azure Directory services through dedicated virtual private services hosted in Softlayer cloud environment and in purchased instance in Amazon Cloud environment.

*Automate each deployment changes to private Control version Environment such as Github after completing the feature release in production system.

*Troubleshooted, analyzed and solved production issues reported through bug tracking tools like Jira for significant number of customers in a timely in effective manner.

* Documented and updated customers issues through bug tracking tools to improve technical procedures documented in the internal knowledgebase.

* Provided best practice recommendations to prepare automation of the deployment, integration and testing of the delivery for the security products lik IBM Maas360, IBM ID and IBM Cloud Identity.

* Used monitoring solution like Kibana and Kafka to check on regular basis the health check status of the required resources deployed in the Softlayer environment and AWS and Azure environment purchased internally through a subscription from Amazon and Microsoft .

* Participate in regular meeting with product development team to report and clarify the procedures prepared to be deployed every two months when a version of IBM security product like IBM Maas360, IBM Cloud Identity and IBMID had scheduled a new version release.

* Provided an estimated time of executing the tasks to product development team for each particular deployment tasks assigned through Kanban tool

*After each release of the new feature scheduled for IBM security products, I was responsible to report to product development team an entire KPI metrics related to the status Devops indicators such as Mean Time To Detection and Mean Time Between Failures, Mean Time To Recovery Deployment Speed, Deployment Frequency, and Deployment Failure.
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Citrix IrelandMay 2014 - November 2015

XenMobile Technical Support Engineer.
- Providing technical assistance to high-profile customers like enterprise end-user and resellers on Citrix products like XenMobile, XenApp.
- Reproducing and troubleshooting customer issues by analyzing, diagnosing and troubleshooting issues that affects multiple servers used by thousands of users.
- Performing advanced problem analysis and isolating problems of a complex level of difficulty.
- Documenting customer issues by making recommendations and provide resolutions in a clear concise and efficient manner to help customers solve their issues according to their requests.
- Contributing to the in-house knowledge base and providing technical issue escalation recommendations as needed using appropriate methodology.
- Wrapping Citrix native and third party provider mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows 8.1 phone devices using available Citrix tool called MDX Toolkit on laptop models like MAC Pro, IMAC devices and Windows 8.1 before publishing them to become available to application store hosted by APP Controller product.
- Assisting remotely the customers on the phone using remote applications like Go-To-Meeting and using the Salesforce case tool for handling customer cases offline.

Technologies used: working with Citrix products like XenMobile version 9.0 and 10.0, Netscaler 10.1/10.5, APP Controller 9.0, Citrix Receiver for iOS, and Windows, Citrix mobile client applications from WoxApps family products like WoxMail,WotxHome integrated with Sharefile client application.
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CITRIXMay 2014 - October 2015

* Delivered comprehensive technical support to enterprise administrators and resellers worldwide for diverse Citrix products and major servers, with responsibility for analyzing, troubleshooting and resolving issues in a timely and accurate manner.

* Documented customer issues to help front line team by updating in-house knowledge-base and suggested the right escalation recommendations as needed for te team responsible to provide customer facing support .

* Assisted customers on best efforts by testing PowerShell scripts to solve exchange messaging issue, roaming technologies integration with XenApp from XenMobile 9/10 products used to manage the mobile phones of the users in the cloud.

* Evaluated and provided recommendations for right virtualization solutions like VMware ESX to prepare the plan required for migrating applications resources from on premise environment of the customer to AWS cloud.

* Solved issues of high level of complexity for scaling and optimize network traffic for resources used by citrix customers such Exchange servers, oracle,office365 on premise and in cloud solutions used in connection to several other Citrix products like XenMobile XenApp, Citrix Sharefile, Citrix Netscaler.

* Coordinated with cross functional teams to recommend an prepare the right technical procedures requested for the front line engineers to solve issues reported Citrix customers.

* Perform root cause analysis and managing the lifecycle of corrective actions required to be delivered for integrating.

* Worked internally with several technical account managers and with the developers and cloud engineers to deliver a quicker resolution of the critical issues reported by the customers.
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Dell IrelandMay 2013 - February 2014

Enterprise Suport Analyst on Compellent Storage.
- Providing remote support for Dell Compellent customers located in Northern countries from EMEA like: UK, Nordic countries, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa.
- Involved in ITSM & ITIL processes like problem determination & problem resolution for detecting, diagnosing and solving different infrastructure issues on Compellent storage devices affecting hundreds of servers and thousands of users.
- Evaluating the planned changes on Dell Compellent environment for any requirements to provide support for the changes on the storage configurations with the purpose of improving, and solving the issues that affects the stability of the IT infrastructure environment hosted by Dell Compellent storage devices.
- Adapting the internal technical procedure according to the requests of the customers, who asked to provide the right resolution according to the Dell Compellent best practices dedicated for all the recommended storage configurations specific for each products used in the customer environment like: Vmware, Hyper-V, Comvault, physical Windows/Linux/ESX servers from cluster connected to the storage.

Technologies used: specific Dell internal tools depending on the type of issues, Enterprise Manager monitoring tool, internal tools for tracking activity on the Case Management like Oracle Siebel and Microsoft CRM, and use internal tool for releasing software packages used for Compellent firmware version upgrade.
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DELLMay 2013 - February 2014

* Provided technical support for storage solutions to several Dell customers located throughout Europe and South Africa.

* Evaluated planned changes on Dell Compellent environment to provide support for diverse storage configurations with the responsibility of resolving issues and optimizing performance of the cloud storage solutions delivered by sales team to Dell customers.

* Modified internal technical procedures for all storage, network, software and hardware products used in customer environment. Managed system configuration and upgrade process throughout entire lifecycle.

* Performed several stress testing tests on storage devices to prepare deployment in production using Compellent API Storage Center management based on writing, testing and analyzing PowerShell scripts prepared for each customer environment to be reported in Microsoft CRM tool and Oracle Siebel.

* Provided best practice recommendations for Vmware Vcenter, exchange solutions and all sorts of applications used in complex environments by testing multiple Powershell scripts dedicated for exchange database to test storage performance.
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IBM BrnoJuly 2011 - May 2013

Windows Support 3rd Line in French.
- Being involved as Technical Engineer in support outsourcing projects about incidents and problem management.
- Providing remote support on the operating System configuration and associated file systems, log files, processes.
- Being involved in processes like problem determination & problem resolution for detecting and solving different problems on Windows servers affecting hundreds of servers and thousands of users.
- Evaluating the planned changes to the server environment for advising of any requirements to support such changes on the purpose of improving, and solving the issues that affects the stability of the environment.
- Typical activities included: managing the operating system configuration, file systems, print queues and storage devices like Netapp and EMC, maintaining the hardware and software configuration to solve hardware issues and software configurations on different kind of physical servers like: HP, IBM, Dell and virtual environments made with Vmware 4.1.
- Using administration tools, utilities, security and hardware to follow standard problem & change control processes.

Technologies used: operating system Windows 2000/2003/2008, Virtualization products like VMware ESX 4.1, monitoring tool: HP Openview, Antivirus Symantec Antivirus Protection 10.1.
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IBMJuly 2011 - May 2013

* Delivered technical support for French retail-distribution customers.

* Held responsibility for providing remote support of operating system configuration and associated file systems, log files and processes.

* Resolved problems on Windows servers in a timely and accurate manner.

* Assessed planned changes to server environment and developed requirements to support changes and optimize environment performance.

* Participated in wide range of projects, including migration of physical servers, cluster servers and disk data, and performing daily server and environment checks in different data centers developing PowerShell scripts for migration projects

* Implemented regular changes to adapt Active Directory security settings for users and computers, renewing certificates, and monitoring latest patches for suitability of application.

* Used PowerShell scripts to regular monitor the latest status of the virtual Vmware environment, storage device status.

* Analyzed, tested and deployed Linux shell scripts using Centos to protect critical data such as vmware data stored used to host the hard drives of the virtual machines.

* Implemented, monitored and reported solutions across a range of environments and platforms using Nagios and system configuration manager
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HPAugust 2010 - July 2011

* Maintained highest levels of satisfaction for Electronic Data Services customers by analyzing and resolving IT infrastructure issues, including Windows 2003 / 2008 servers.

* Defined, executed and implemented changes and requests for customer services, including participating in implementations for different routine system management operations according to requests defined in service level agreement.

* Solved complex issues affecting many sites on Citrix servers including renewing certificates, installing certificates, and applying certificates according to infrastructure requests.

* Applied and tested new patches for Windows servers to improve stability on customer environment.

* Developed reports with internal tools to monitor servers availability/capacity, client antivirus installation, status of the backup agent.
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Hewlett-PackardAugust 2010 - July 2011

Winteld DTS Engineer 3rd Line.
- Using the acquired expertise to achieve level of customer satisfaction by supporting and solving incidents and troubleshoot complex issues with high severity impact on IT infrastructure, according to requests asked by EDS customers.
- Identifying and solving problems, working on incidents affecting thousands of users and dozens of servers with Windows 2003/2008.
- Defining, executing and implementing changes and requests for customer services, taking part into implementations for different routine system management operations like patching, backup, according to requests defined in Service Level Agreement.

Participating in different projects to manage the customer requests that involves the following tasks:
- Solving different complex issues affecting many sites on the Citrix servers like: renewing certificates, installing certificates, and applying certificates according to the infrastructure request that was built for the specific location from the customer site.
- Applying and testing new patches for Windows 2003/2008 servers according to customers expectations in order to improve stability on the customer environment.
- Creating different types of reports with EDS tools and System Operation Manager about servers availability, server capacity, antivirus reports and server backups.

Technologies used: Windows 2003/2008, Active Directory, virtualization products like HYPER-V, VMware Server for Windows 2003/2008 virtual machines, infrastructure application like Citrix v4.5 and v5.0, create reports about servers availability, server capacity and server backups with SCOM.
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ComputerLand RomaniaFebruary 2009 - October 2010

Microsoft Trainer.
- Writing technical documentations for internal procedures to teach the courses.
- Teaching Microsoft administration products e.g Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows Vista.
- Taking Microsoft certification at Prometric authorized center inside the company.
- Preparing the labs for each student computer before teaching the course.
- Teaching courses according to the schedule seen by procedures entitled "Microsoft Certified Trainer Course Preparation Checklist".
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COMPUTERLANDJanuary 2009 - August 2010

* Educated and trained IT professional specialists.

* Developed technical and training documentation for internal procedures.

* Taught courses related to installation, configuration, troubleshooting, monitoring and maintenance of different Microsoft server technologies.

* ed all Microsoft Windows administration courses according to scheduled procedures defined in Microsoft Certified Trainer Course Preparation Checklist.
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NESS TECHNOLOGIESDecember 2007 - December 2008

* Installed and configured and optimize SAP products including R/3 version 4.6D, SAP R/3 IDES, Sap Solution Manager and MySAP ERP 2005s.

* Handled and supported installation, licensing, migration of SAP R/3 4.6D system and upgrade to mySAP ERP 2005s for the projects delivered to electricity utilities providers throughout Romania.

* Worked on high demanding and compelling projects requesting different complex tasks like solving security roles assignment to administrators to execute and to follow SAP procedures requested for testing by the developers to confirm problem resolutions.
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Ness RomaniaDecember 2007 - December 2008

SAP Basis Consultant.
- Taking part in a SAP basis training by SAP Global Delivery center from Ness Romania recommendation between December 2007 and April 2008.
- Installing and configuring SAP products like: R/3 version 4.6D IDES for training purposes inside the company, Sap Solution Manager, mySAP ERP2005s.
- Documenting tasks of installation, migration of SAP R/3 4.6D system and upgrade to mySAP ERP 2005s for ElectricaSERV FISE projects.
- Following the process of licensing MySAP ERP 2005s products.
- Consulting with the Project Manager on issues related to the administration of SAP systems.
- Consulting the SAP basis section on the portal to solve issues on the administration of SAP systems.
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Asseco SEENovember 2006 - November 2007

Storage Field Engineer.
- Documenting and solving technical requirements related to the implementation process of the Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage configurations with hardware storage devices purchased from HP, IBM and NetApp.
- Installing hardware devices in racks to power them on for installing and configuring according to vendor manufacturer requirements and usage plan defined by customers who acquire devices from ASSECO retailer.
- Consulting with the company customers and Presales department inside the company, related to the technical aspects of hardware configuration e.g. HP, NetApp and IBM NAS and SAN hardware configurations.
- Using vendor-hardware applications (NetApp,IBM,HP) designed to ensure continuity on long term of the data protection for business corporate activities like banking institutions, insurance companies and retail-distribution companies.

Technologies used: HP Insight Manager, HP Data Protector; VMWARE Virtualization product e.g. VMware ESX 3.0, VMware Infrastructure Client; Hardware Storage devices: IBM DS 400, NetApp FAS 3020, FAS 270 and FAS 250; HP EVA 3000/4000 and EVA 6000, and HP MSA, Windows 2003 Datacenter server Operating system.
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ASSECO SEENovember 2006 - November 2007

Storage Field Engineer - IT&C Hardware Professional Services

* Documented and resolved technical requirements related to implementation process of the Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage configurations with hardware storage devices purchased from HP, IBM and NetApp.

* Installed and configured hardware devices and worked closely with customers and presales department regarding technical aspects of hardware configuration.

* Ensured the continuity of data protections solutions was delivered to the customers of the company.

* Migrated mailboxes of Exchange like 2003 /2007 and Active Directory accounts for many customers involved in banking and insurance activities.

* Upgraded customer environment to the newest HP Storage solutions, IBM storage.
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EEU SoftwareJanuary 2005 - July 2005

Application Packager.
- Configuring installation packages according to "Package Guideline'' procedures.
Consulting and modifying the structure of msi package configuration
with InstallShield and Wise Studio, according to new installation
requirements from Package Guideline by using InstallShield and Wise
- Testing the MSI package behavior on clean Windows XP image to send to Q&A packagers.
- Document the customization of the XP application installation according to the request of IBM Global Delivery procedures.

Technologies used: Wise Studio Installer, InstallShield, Windows XP SP1, VBSCRIPT scripting language.

Mes compétences

Xen, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, Windows, Virtualization, Troubleshooting, Technical Support, TCP/IP, System administration, Symantec, SLA, Siebel, Shell Scripting, SAP R/3, SAP, SAN, Salesforce, Problem Solving, Network administration, Nagios, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Linux Server, Linux, Kibana, Kanban, Jenkins, Integration testing, IIS, Hyper-V, HP-UX, HP OpenView, GitHub, Firewalls & Security, Exchange, Enterprise Manager, Docker, DNS, DHCP, DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Citrix XenApp, Citrix, CentOS, Azure, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMWare, PowerShell, Oracle, Kubernetes, Java, ITIL, iOS, Apache Kafka, Active Directory