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Tompkins Square BagelsSeptember 2010 - Présent

Consult part-time with owner Chris Pugliese on business expansion, strategy, marketing, social media, Yelp review strategy, business development, and other aspects of running one of the best bagel brands in NYC. Now with two locations in the East Village: Avenue A/10th Street, and 2nd Avenue/12th
Street. No double toasting!

Press: story/
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Zillow GroupJanuary 2019 - Présent

Portfolio (password: ``enjoy'')

- Zillow Group NYC (Zillow/StreetEasy/Out East)

* Senior leadership role focused mostly on people management.
Responsible for all design and user experience on desktop/mobile/ native app across all properties and teams

* Set company and team OKRs with senior leadership

* Shifted organization from desktop-first to mobile-first

* Assessed design team happiness on individual level on a scale of
1-10. Average was 3. Within 90 days I raised the average to 8

* Developed week-long product/design/engineering cadence to ship smaller increments quickly to market after months of stalled product work before my arrival

* Established new design and research interview procedures using a
``Design Challenge Review'' process as we are doubling the team from 5 to 10

* Established new design system using InVision DSM to create reusable Sketch and React components, speeding development time to market

* Developed skill assessments for each designer, one-by-one and developing growth plans in areas they wanted (or needed) to grow in

* Conceived, developed, and hosted first company all-hands
``demos'' to showcase, once a month, the products and services we were building to increase morale, raise awareness, and get feedback in a town-hall style forum (Scored 9/10 in company feedback)

* Established new design-thinking sessions such as Design Studios, Affinity Mapping, and Decision Jam to allow design team to facilitate product discovery sessions with cross-functional stakeholders

* Mentored and taught design team on the need for user research early and often to ensure product design met business needs and were a market fit
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Freelance, for StartupsMarch 2004 - Présent

Over the last 15 years I've been lucky to help startups such as United Atlantic
Capital, Lori Hamlin Makeup, TigerTrade, eNeighbr, Alpha Sense, Pager, par8o, VideoCurator - and many others - establish their Product Design and User Experience practices. This involved working closely with the co-founders to realize their dream through rapid iteration Product Design - often solely designed by me - on a myriad of platforms: desktop, mobile web, native iOS and Android.

After user testing, iterations, and code build, we'd launch the MVP to the public.

From time to time I'm available to help NYC-based startups get launched, so please contact me with your startup pitch maybe we can work together.
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ZillowMay 2019 - October 2019

Heading up Design & User Experience with an amazing team of Product, Visual, and UX Designers here at Zillow Group New York which includes
StreetEasy and OutEast properties.

As a life-long StreetEasy user, I'm thrilled to be able to help drive innovation and value for renters, buyers, brokers, landlords, management companies, and more.

Established a new process of a Design Strategy Brief for PMs, giving them the ability to communicate their business and product strategy to the core team.

Tasked with developing an Open House product, with little or no product vision or strategy.
Developed a ``grand vision'' we could work backwards from and developed a Story Map and Affinity Map which helped us understand the Open House needs. Completed audits of the existing Open House product across platforms, and completed preliminary designs for highlighting and exposing Open

Re-established InVision as our prototyping and engineering communication tool, replacing Zeplin.

Took over our Design System Manager after some departures, immediately re- igniting the project by making a decision to go with InVision DSM.

Established new ``Good Feedback Practices'' which will help stakeholders and designers have productive feedback and design review sessions.

Created new process for graphic design department and stakeholders; same day and next day deadlines were too common and causing stressful situation.

Established and negotiated extremely favorable rates for HotJar, an analytics tool which allows you to peer in on how customers use your site.

Established, produced, and conducted two All-Hands demos in an attempt to increase transparency, morale, inspiration and culture of fun. Achieved 9/10
score from audience members.

Design Team happiness averages, were (on a scale of 10) around 5 (in some cases, people reported 2) when I first started asking the team. Through counseling, frequent 1:1s, and changes in process, this was raised to an 8.
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ButtonAugust 2018 - May 2019

An absolutely fantastic experience. One of the best startups I've ever worked for. Button was named Crain's "#2 Best Startup In NYC To Work For" and a Forbes "Top 50 Company To Work For." We worked hard to empower and enable our teams and our people. I grew the design team. I mentored and coached. We facilitate design-thinking and workshops which helped teams make decisions quickly.

As much as I would have liked to stay, I had an opportunity come by that I just
couldn't pass up. I miss everyone very much and wish Button the very best!
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Larchmont Yacht ClubMarch 2018 - July 2018

I immersed myself full time into learning to sail on a C&C 30' sailboat based at Larchmont Yacht Club under 1:1 instruction from Skipper Janko Puls. Sailing is very technical and requires intense concentration, planning, and skill. I learned lines, lingo, knot tying, sail trim, docking, sailboat systems, and much more - all while having a blast, too. It had a wonderful side effect of helping me be more patient, knowing what I can and cannot control, and also provided a new hobby which will last a lifetime. I highly recommend it.
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OnDeckOctober 2016 - October 2017

Hired March 2016, first task? Redesign and rebrand the entire company in 3 months!

Created a bold, fresh, and friendly-looking company which customers can trust

Created Sketch / InVision / Zeplin workflow for Product / Design / Engineering teams

Managing 3 full-time designers, 2 design researchers, design contractor, and intern

Established customer-focused design and UX philosophy (make it desirable!)

Pivoted team to one week design sprint, one week development sprint process

Working very closely with CMO Andrea Gellert and Brand Director Kimberly
Solarz on typography, photography, color theory, color palette, videography

Working very closely with front-end development team to innovate whenever and however possible within the allotted time period

Developed creative briefs so our photography and videography is always amazing

Pushed for use of video in every possible way, from background video to customer testimonials

Developed prototypes for major US banks to develop key partnerships such as our historic partnership with Chase Bank

Worked closely with COO James Hobson to develop cultural artifacts such as public-facing team demos, design studios, and internal design classes for Product Managers

Having a ton of fun helping small businesses grow in the US, Canada, and Australia
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eNeighbrOctober 2014 - September 2017

Working closely with CEO and founder Jon Ide, we built the company from scratch from an initial meeting over coffee to full product launch in the NYC market.
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Design & UX - OnDeckJanuary 2015 - January 2017

*Delivered complete rebrand and relaunch of public facing websites
3 months after hire date; coding and iterations took an additional 3 months.

*Created one-week scrum process with cross-functional team marketing / product / design / engineers.

*Built a core product / design team and in two design sprints (4 weeks), unveiled next-generation customer purchasing process and on boarding using a mobile-first strategy.

*Bad credit bets by senior management resulted in 150 layoffs
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MagneticOctober 2014 - October 2016

"You've helped us tremendously here at Magnetic. You helped kick start a UX culture here that was not at all before you arrived. So thank you for all you have done and please know that I have nothing but warm feelings towards you." - James Green, CEO Magnetic

Shipping new product to customers every two (2) weeks

Rethinking how ad-tech dashboards are used and designed

Bringing beauty and simplicity

Allowing for at-a-glance and deep dives into product / dashboard / reporting

Simplifying and reducing everything so busy media buyers can get what they need and get out

Merging two companies product UX (MyBuys / Magnetic) into one, unified UX (not easy, but fun!)

Getting solid feedback from customers and iterating as necessary

Working closely with front-end engineers and QA teams to ensure quality execution

Work very closely with CEO James Green on a key innovative product TBA
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Booker SoftwareFebruary 2014 - October 2014

Established customer-centric design philosophy company wide and evangelized such on up to CEO

Built out our design team from scratch, hiring four visual / UX / interaction designers

Reduced the customer onboarding time from 6 weeks and 3 customer calls to
< 15 minutes - a revolution in SaaS software "Saved the company." -Booker
Product Manager

Designed highly responsive and innovative salon / spa platform for desktop / tablet / mobile used by both salon / spa customers, and
* customers, a unique design challenge with lots of variables and features to juggle

Produced company wide agile demos which were fun, entertaining, informative, and standing room only
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Institute For Integrative NutritionJanuary 2013 - February 2014

Hired / directly managed eleven (20+) designers and front-end engineers

Taught agile / scrum methodologies for rapid innovation and deploys

Redesigned all customer facing websites

Increased conversion 800%

Designed brand new education platform for iOS, Android, and responsive web.
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Integrative NutritionJanuary 2013 - January 2014

*Built out a team of ten front-end, UX, visual design, and graphic designers.

*Lead the design and development of our multi-million dollar next- generation educational platform. Instituted scrum / agile for all teams.

*Immediately shifted product strategy from existing ``create more help files'' to ``fix the product.''
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ShutterstockApril 2011 - January 2013

Using agile / scrum methodologies:

Designed a much better search results page, the most important page at

Made lightboxes a lot easier to use

Made search results easier to filter and sort

Made following a contributor easy

Made download history easier to find and use
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ShutterstockJanuary 2011 - January 2013

*Agile/Scrum product development shop on two week sprints.

*Designed new search results page (most significant page on entire site) which is now the new company standard.

*Redesigned Lightbox UX from ground up.
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B&H Photo VideoMay 2008 - April 2011

Conceived, designed and supervised build of first iOS app on iPhone and iPad, the first new sales channels for B&H in years

Redesigned add to cart so you didn't leave the page you were on

Redesigned wishlist so you could easily create, edit, and mange your wishlists from anywhere

Made international shipping far easier for international customers

Redesigned affiliates program so affiliates could easily embed widgets anywhere

Redesigned buy together & save so customers could save money

Designed wedding & gift registry to address the increasing market for electronics in wedding registries

Designed a new mobile responsive site to address the growing mobile market share

Designed myB&H which makes it easier for customers to buy accessories / parts for their previous
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B&H PhotoJanuary 2008 - January 2011

*My work at B&H Photo contributed to selection by Consumer
Reports as #1 in "ease of use." As Product Owner, I created five new sales channels. These new sales channels enabled B&H to grow its sales year-to-year in the worst economic conditions imaginable. (Source: TWICE Magazine).

*Mentor and advise seven UX/UI designers and user experience staff. Product owner for mobile site, iPhone app, wishlist, wedding
& gift registry, order history.

*Conceived, designed and wrote functional specification for B&H
wishlist system. Modified add to cart and wishlist so customers stayed on same page. Over 1.5 million wishlists created.
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FlightSafety InternationalMarch 2004 - April 2008

Designed all customer facing websites

Designed "myFlightSafety" a customer training portal which helped retain 98% of customers

Worked closely on location with Pfizer, Merck, Verizon, AT&T and other F50
companies to understand their business jet training needs
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FlightSafetyJanuary 2004 - January 2008

*Product Owner for myFlightSafety, a Fortune 500 B2B portal for managing and scheduling corporate jet aircraft. Formed client relationships with C-level executives at Pfizer, Verizon, TAG, AT&T, Merck, Honeywell, many others. 98% retention rate

*Redesigned from scratch.

*Designed information architecture, user experiences, wireframes, etc
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BoeingJanuary 2001 - January 2004

Brought a tech culture to Boeing and a focus on creating great UX for all customer-facing websites and intranet

Hand-coded intranet using Perl, PHP, mySQL

Gave demonstration flights to customers on B767-400 and B777

Would still be at Boeing today, but 9/11 caused industry-wide lay-offs
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The Boeing CompanyJanuary 2001 - January 2004

*Overhauled all web properties and re-designed from scratch.

*Oversaw 21 web editors globally who provided content to site.

*Designed and hand-coded all pages using HTML and Perl (some Javascript, some CSS).
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AmazonMarch 2000 - March 2001

Employee #1,013

Launched toys store

Launched baby store

Also worked on electronics and music stores

Packed a lot of Harry Potter books, toys, and games

Made history
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Amazon.comJanuary 2000 - January 2001

*Launched Toys R Us collaboration.

*Launched Babies R Us collaboration.

*Built templates, pages, graphics, layout.

*Co-engineered baby registry system so parents could register in store or online. Launched PlayStation 2 store, co-created MP3 player comparison engine.

TucowsJanuary 1993 - January 1996

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