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€ 420

Je parle

English : Advanced

Romanian : Average

Iranian : Native speaker

Je code

Networks and systems
Web technologies
CodeIgniter, CSS, HTML
Analysis methods and tools
Application servers
Open Source solutions
Magento, WordPress

Mes Experiences

Freelance January 2014 - Present

Freelance January 2014 - Present

PHP Developer.
– Development of presentation websites and 2 eCommerce websites.

Studio12 June 2011 - Present

Studio12 June 2011 - Present

– Back-end programming, and also I do the organizing / monitoring of the process of execution the projects up to end.
– Worked on CodeIgniter and Magento and the rest on WordPress.
– The most common components in our projects done via WordPress has: News and Event system, Article, photo and video Gallery, Survey system.

ACA September 2002 - October 2010 Duration: 8 ans 1 mois

ACA September 2002 - October 2010 Duration: 8 ans 1 mois

PHP Programmer / Project Manager.
– Understanding of OOP and CMS Technology.
– Knowledge of Windows Server, IIS, Apache.
– Knowledge of XML, HTML and CSS.
– Knowledge of networking (cabling, switching, maintenance network on windows server 2003).
– Intermediate to expert knowledge of Web Server administrator.
– Full experience on Installs, maintains, troubleshoots and upgrades computer hardware, software, personal computer.

Activities :
– Project Manager in IT projects.
– PHP Programming in a software developing Company.
– MySQL database designer in a software developing Company.
– Administrator a web server Linux base for Geological Organization of Iran.

Project Programming :
– A Check mail system work with SMTP,POP3,IMAP protocol.
– An Online tools system for domain & hosting. Domain whois, Ns Lookup, Trace, Ping.
– A System online shopping for and online payment for some Iranian BANK.
– An application on web base technology for project management.
– A web base application for Iran broadcasting.
– A web base CRM for some company and organization.
– Some commercial company’s web site.

Mon Education

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science - "Politehnica" University, Bucharest.


Studies in Computer Science - "Azad" University, Iran.
- Studying Computer science in high school for 2 years (Iran).
- Studying computer science at university for 2 years (Iran).


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