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Corneliu Constantin F.

Chief Platform Officer

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  • Superior technical and people skills
  • 22 years of industry experience
  • Proficient with agile scrum methods
  • Familiar with security and data privacy
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PentalogMay 2018 - Présent

Chief Platform Officer.
  • In charge with Products and Technology strategy of Pentalog group.
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Pentalog Products DevelopmentDecember 2011 - Présent

Pentalog Institute Director.
Responsible for the evolution of the Technical Direction towards Pentalog Institute:
- In charge of creating the Pentalog Institute brand.
- Management of the budget and experts recruitment.
- Deployment of a new consultancy and expertise offer (trainings, high level support, audits, coaching etc.).
- Services alignment to the objectives and to the market.
- Facilitator and coach within the experts team.
- Agile Consultant (Kanban, Scrum) for Pentalog Institute clients.
- Main animator of the communities of practices within the Pentalog group.

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Pentalog Products DevelopmentJanuary 2009 - Présent

Technical Director within the Pentalog group.
The Technical Direction team uses as organizational tool the Kanban framework.
  • In charge of ensuring the implementation of the Kanban organization and the continuous improvement within the service.
  • Participation in business meetings.
  • Responsible for the following activities within the Technical Direction of the group:
- support for pre-sales (customers meetings, estimates, architectural review);
- consultancy and project support (diagnostic, technical audits);
- technology watch.
  • In charge of ensuring global communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Guarantor of the methods and tools.
  • In charge of giving visibility on the activity.
  • Alignment of the DT services to the market needs.
  • Agility implementation on the Pentalog projects.
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Pentalog Products DevelopmentSeptember 2007 - Présent

Agile Organization Expert, Agile Coach and Scrum Master within the Pentalog group.
  • Knowledge sharing about agility: Agile camps, camps management.
  • Organization of several internal trainings such as: Business value, Scrum, Kanban, Software development using Agile practices including: Test Driven Development, Sustainable Pace, System Thinking and System Dynamics, Team management and Self-organizing teams.
  • Use of Agile methodology to manage tasks.
  • Management of internal training offers on the Agile methodology.
  • In charge of ensuring audits and consulting to the clients on deployment, administration and optimization projects using the Agile methodology.
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PentalogSeptember 2017 - May 2018

Head of CTOs.
  • Technology vision of Pentalog group, Technology strategy and rollout with various CTOs from group entities (Pentalog Software Factory, Pentalog Growth Factory, SkillValue).
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PentalogJanuary 2014 - September 2017

Chief Technology Officer.
  • Agile Coaching.
  • Customer collaboration framework.
  • Technology strategies.
  • Technical audits and due diligence.
  • Trainer.
  • Public speaker.
  • Leading large change management programs.
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Pentalog - Technology OfficeJanuary 2009 - September 2011

Responsible for the Pentalog training program.
  • Management of the global skills within the Pentalog group.
  • Guarantor of the training plan.
  • In charge of ensuring visibility on activity.
  • Knowledge capitalization.
  • Management of the technological partnerships and the partnerships with Universities.
  • Management of the trainings.
  • Recruitment and monitoring of the trainees.
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PentalabbsSeptember 2010 - March 2011

Co-Deputy Director within the Pentalabbs.
  • Design of new products and services.
  • Participation in the technical feasibility studies.
  • Coaching of the project Scrum Masters.
  • Support to the implementation of Scrum on new projects.
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Strator - Altadis GroupApril 2009 - October 2010

Project Director for the development of a more efficient and optimized solution, with new features, for sales and shop management.

  • Coaching of the Project Manager.
  • Management of the budgetary and contractual relationship with the Client.
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CityvoxMarch 2008 - October 2009

Project Director for the development of several cultural websites for CityVox, French leader of City Guides.
  • Communication with the client and negotiation of developments according to the contract.
  • Animation of the project management meetings.
  • Recruitment of development team members.
  • Coaching of the project manager.
  • Monitoring of the developments within the development team and at the client.
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Strator - Altadis GroupOctober 2008 - June 2009

Project Director AssetMaps for the development of an analysis application to optimize the company’s general expenses (telecommunications, energy and transport).
  • Design and development of the application.
  • Implementation of the application.
  • In charge of carrying out the authentication with SSO.
  • Testing of the application.
The main functionalities of the application are:

- collection of different format information from diverse sources;

- information convergence on a common support for making a general survey;

- data processing;

- new reports proposing cost optimization solutions;
- implementation of a flexible solution to adapt to each study and topic particularities: specific fields, topic-related processing, etc;

- insertion of right control functions to supervise user actions;

- administration of different functions for user management, right management and other information intended for the administrators of the solution.
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Strator - Altadis GroupNovember 2008 - April 2009

Scrum Master within one of the 8 teams of a project which allows several developments on the website.
  • In charge of the Scrum implementation.
  • Identification of the best solutions in order to ensure continuous improvement on the project.
  • Support to the team so that it becomes autonomous at organizational and technical level.
  • Management and resolution of the problems encountered in the project development. The project objective is to add features missing from the existing solution.
  • Development of an application which allows to manage the press distribution in France. The application allows to:
- effectively anticipate stock-outs;
- organize transfers of paper;
- provide statistical tools custodians.
  • Communication with the client.
  • Management of the planning and human resources involved in the project.
  • Management of the developments.
  • Ensured the quality of the project.
Team size: 6 persons.
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Lowendal GroupJuly 2008 - October 2008

Scrum Master within the development of an analysis application which allows to optimize the company’s general spending: telecom, energy, transport.
  • Establishment of the Scrum methodology on the project.
  • In charge of ensuring continuous improvement within the project.
  • Management of the problems encountered by the team.
  • Coaching of the team in order to become autonomous at self-organizational and technical level.
The main functionalities of the application are:

- collection of different format information from diverse sources;

- information convergence on a common support for making a general survey;

- data processing;

- new reports proposing cost optimization solutions;

- implementation of a flexible solution which can be adapted to each study's and topic’s particularities: specific fields, topic-related processing, etc;

- insertion of right control functions to supervise user actions;

- administration functions for user management, right management and other information intended for the administrators of the solution.
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PentalogJuly 2008 - August 2008

Organization and animation of several training sessions:

“Windows Forms Development” training for Pentalog. The main purposes of this training were to create programs using a procedural language (such as C Sharp or Visual Basic) and to use Visual Studio .NET IDE in order to create, build and run a Windows Form application project.

“Advanced Microsoft Word” training for Pentalog.
Covered the following topics: Styles and AutoFormatting, Sections, Columns, and Page Formatting, Using Bookmarks, Cross-References, Footnotes and Link, Creating Indexes and Tables of Contents.

"Project Management" training.
Studied the following topics:
- fundamentals of project management according to projects development;
- project cycle, risk management, effort (workload) estimate and management, planning, client's management, team management, communication.

Microsoft Office Excel – intermediate training within the client's headquarters.
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PebbleAgeDecember 2007 - March 2008

Project Manager within the development of accounting and financial system applications.
  • Management of team members' tasks.
  • Communication with the client.
  • Development of an application allowing the creation of specific activity flows in the financial sector.
  • Development of a n-tier application allowing specific accounting data extraction to the Hyperion server.
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Fashion industryApril 2007 - November 2007

Project Manager - Architect in charge of a complete sales management system, including stocks and e-commerce website management, based on a service oriented architecture.

Participation in the development of all the project's applications.
  • Management of the team members' tasks.
  • Management of the project planning, reports and resources.
  • Activity monitoring within the team and evaluation of its members.
  • Technical assistance to the team and the client.
  • Communication with the client, analysis and projection of the evolutions, writing and follow-up of the specifications.
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QCM FranceFebruary 2007 - August 2007

Team leader in charge of technical support for the team developing a survey management platform ("Mystery Manager").
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DMAILERSeptember 2006 - March 2007

Project Manager within a development team in charge of the extension of the DmailerSync project, a software allowing users to easily and securely access, synchronize, backup and edit data from any computer to any mobile device.

The created extension will allow the connection to an Exchange Server by the WebDav protocol.
  • Development of the project prototype.
  • In charge of performing research on the WebDav protocole.
  • Resources, tasks and deliveries management.
  • Communication with the client.
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PentalogFebruary 2005 - February 2007

Solution Architect within the Pentalog group.
  • Software architect, Solution Architect.
  • XP, TDD, C#, .NET, JavaScript.
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Lowendal GroupFebruary 2005 - August 2006

Team Leader for the development of the Match 5.0 client/server application. The application includes several reporting functionalities in order to match inventory data with data issued from two different sources: assets (non-standardized file provided by the client) and inventories (standardized file based on an inventory of the assets, generated by assetmaps.pocket).
  • Development of the data import function into the application datagrid, from Excel or .CSV files. The import function offers the possibility to create a mapping of the fields.
  • Development of the properties form which allows the definition of the several application stages.
  • Development of several functions for data enrichment: splitting, cloning, finding/replacing keywords, etc.
  • Development of the data matching system of the application: automatic matching, manual matching (according to the criteria defined by the user).
  • Improvement of some .NET component functionalities so as to optimize data surfing and operation performance.
  • Optimization of the browsing and operation processes for very big data volumes.
  • Design and implementation of a method allowing multiple use of the application with a remote desktop connection.
  • Modification of the database in order to add several languages to the application.
  • In charge of installations on the remote server.
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C.A.R.U.S RomaniaAugust 2000 - January 2005

Project Manager within a project concerning the development of a management, accounting, assets, transports, salaries and production ERP application.
  • Writing of the functional analysis.
  • Interfaces design.
  • Integration of existing applications into the new system.
  • Reporting forms development.
  • Ensuringcommunication between the development team and the users.

Mes études et formations

CSM - Certified ScrumMaster.2011 - 2011

ISO Training.2011 - 2011

Financial training.2011 - 2011

ʺSCRUM Managementʺ Training.2011 - 2011

ʺPeople and Project Managementʺ Training - Session 3.2009 - 2009

ʺPeople and Project Managementʺ Training - Session 2.2009 - 2009