Marius P.

Software developer

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Messer Cutting Systems01.07.2017 - Présent

Java Developer.
  • Defining the project's technological stack and architecture.
  • Configuring the CI & CD environment.
  • Designing, implementing and testing different services within the application.
  • Technical support and training for other team members.
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Ocea Smart Building01.12.2009 - Présent

  • Defining the technology stack for the SmartFluides application.

  • Analysis and development of new modules for the IFY application.
  • Development of the IsioWS application – web services for IFY.
  • Analysis and development of the RC application.
  • Bug fixing.

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University College Cork, Ireland01.04.2009 - 01.10.2009

Software Developer & Research Assistant.
  • Participation in the development of "VisEx" - a cancer modeling and visualization software application.
  • \n
  • Development and testing of various mathematical models for the tumor growth.
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    Publications01.07.2009 - 01.09.2009

    Publication of the following articles:\n
    - "Tumor Growth Prediction Using the Gompertz Model" – in the "3rd EpsMso International Conference on Optimization and Simulation", Athena, July 2009.
    \n- "Cancer Prediction Modeling from Volumetric Data" – in the "IEEE Conference on Symbolic Computing", Timisoara, September 2009.
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    IT services company01.06.2007 - 01.04.2009

    Software Developer.
  • Development of the “BEam” web application which provides to the users free services like SMS in exchange for participating in different polls and contests. This application featured a content management system and used an interface provided by a mobile operator for the SMS services.
  • \n
  • Development of the “Transylvania Leasing Website“, a dynamic website for a leasing agency, which featured a content management system and called stored procedures from an external SQL Server database in order to obtain data about the client contracts.
  • \n
  • Development of the “Montan House“ application, a dynamic website for a real-estate agency.
  • \n
  • Development of the “Montan Travel“ application, a dynamic website for a travel agency.
  • \n
  • Development of the “Ana Pan“ application, a dynamic website for a confectionery company belonging to the Ana Holding group.
  • \n
  • Design and development of different applications.
  • \n
  • Test and deployment of web applications.
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    AWD Holding AG, Germany01.10.2007 - 01.12.2007

    Software Developer.
    \nIn charge of the development and the maintenance of a database.
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    IT services company01.09.2005 - 01.05.2006

    Software Developer.
    • Development of desktop and web applications.
    • Development of the IMedic project, a desktop application which allows to organize the information within medical cabinets.
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    Transylvania University, Brasov01.03.2006 - 01.05.2006

    Development of the “Strategy Board” project, a desktop application which allows to implement several board strategy games. The application received the First place in the Games section at the 2006 ITFEST contest, Bucharest 2006.

    Mes compétences

    Langues parlées

    FRENCH: Beginner
    ENGLISH: Advanced
    ROMANIAN: Native speaker




    ActiveMQ, Hibernate, JackRabbit, Quartz, Spring, Spring Boot

    Web technologies

    JSF, RESTful, SOAP Web Services, Struts


    CouchBaseDB, FlyWay, MySQL, Oracle

    Application servers

    Apache, ELK, Nginx, RabbitMQ, Tomcat, WildFly, Zookeeper

    CI / CD

    AWS, Docker, Git, Gitlab Pipelines, Jenkins, Maven, Sonar, SVN



    Open Source solutions

    Camel, Jasper Reports

    Software testing


    Mes études et formations

    Agile Training.2015

    u02baSoftware Design Patternsu02ba Training.2013

    u02baSoftware Design Principlesu02ba Training.2012

    Spring Training.2011

    u02baQuality Deploymentu02ba Training. 2010

    Master’s Degree in Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics – “Transylvania ” University, Brasov.2006-2007

    Scholarship within the Artificial Intelligence department - Delft University of Technology, Netherlands.2004-2005

    Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics – “Transylvania ” University, Brasov.2002-2006