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Carlos Abel B.

Front End Developer

Externalisation nearshore
8 ans
Guadalajara, MEXICO
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  • Superior technical and people skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 8 years of industry experience
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PENTALOGFebruary 2021 - Présent

Software Engineer within a digital services platform dedicated to helping companies access world-class software engineering and product talent.

- Gopuff - The go-to instant commerce platform, fulfilling consumers’ evolving, everyday needs.
  • Working as Full-stack Developer for one of the biggest consumer goods and food delivery app providers.
  • Original member of team that started the migration from VueJS to React Native with Web (Both Web and Native apps are already in production).
  • Web and native development on the same repo codebase.
  • Component creation inside our design system ecosystem deployed in storybook.js.
  • Tested and monitored with chromatic builds.
  • Development in a GraphQL middleware with express for the client that connects multiple services, provides resolvers and abstracts new logic to the client, while making connections from legacy and new APIs.
  • Using Apollo / URQL as our GraphQL Client and GraphQL code generator, schema, and Typescript as type checker.
  • Performed Unit Testing with Jest and React testing library for both client and GraphQL middleware.
  • Epic owner of various live features in the app, providing support and new iterations.
  • Performed A/B testing with Split for experiment integrations.
  • Tracking and eventing with Segment for measures, exposure and experiment results.
  • Effective participation in all Scrum ceremonies.
  • Continuous development process with managers, PMs, design, infrastructure and dev-ops teams for ongoing and next features.
  • Support with live bug tracking with DataDog.

React.js, Vue.js, React Native, Apollo, URQL, GraphQL, Typescript, A/B Testing, DataDog, Jest, Unit Testing
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LUXOFTMay 2019 - February 2021

Software Engineer for a digital strategy and software engineering firm providing bespoke technology solutions that drive business change for customers the world over.
  • Currently working as a Front-end Engineer in a specific campaign for one of the biggest travel providers in the world.
  • Initially: Support, development and creation of new features for a legacy AngularJS web app.
  • Planned and executed successfully a migration to a brand new ReactJS web application.
  • Github enterprise as VCS. 
  • Started with the creation of company-wide shared components that are part of a custom library of UI React components with a poly repository architecture where each component is registered and published to a private rpm registry with JFrog Artifactory with the help of a internal UI/Design tokenized system.
  • Web Apps migrated to a custom React 16.9 recipe with:
    - Server Side Rendering mounted on a @hapi node server.
    - Dockerized environments handled with node dot notation via webpack for local, dev, qa and production.
    - Jest integration with react-testing-library for unit and integration testing, enforcing and locking the coverage threshold up to 95%.
    - Eslint linter + Prettier, Flow.js a as static type checker and Git hooks with Husky to enforce the best code practices and a healthy repository lifecycle.
    - Custom Axios http module to handle the API’s requests with secret api keys aided with Redux and a custom middleware as state manager and side effect handling.
    - Implemented a custom redux pattern with reselect to create selectors in order to achieve performance gains with memorization data and encapsulating the logic from all the react components accomplishing a fast, accessible, reusable and highly testable dummy component model.  
  • Tracking and marketing params with Adobe Omniture suite and Tealium.
  • CI/CD for all environments with Git hooks deploying specific versions to each environment also with weekly releases/versions cut-offs with full integration on Jenkins pipelines.
  • Production and Release support with live bug tracking with Splunk and Datadog.
  • Effective participation in all Scrum ceremonies [Daily Standup's, Grooming, Deep Diving, Team Retrospectives, Sprint and Quarter Plannings etc.].
  • Continuous Development process with product, design, infrastructure and dev-ops teams for ongoing and next quarters issues, plannings and roadmaps.
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ITEXICONovember 2017 - May 2019

Software Specialist within a global software technology company that leverages development teams in Mexico under a NearshorePLUS model.

- Development of a React Native Application for a client in the entertainment business
  • Usage of the React Native CLI because in that time expo wasn’t the best solution for the specs needed in the app.
  • React Router Native to handle the view navigation of the app, implemented header with side drawer.
  • Redux as a state manager and integrated with react-router-native. 
  • Cache integration for offline features.
  • Camera integration for live code redeems and AR integration.
  • Custom scripts to build and generate new version builds and APKs.
  • Crash and error reporter adapted. 

- React 16 Internal Project for a custom time tracker and reporter for Itexico.
  • Base React template with create-react-app CLI.
  • Jest integration for unit testing with enzyme.
  • VCS and CI with Gitlab, CD with AWS elastic-beanstalk integration.
  • Implementation of material design components as the base of the design system of the project.
  • Adaptation of a custom calendar template with react-calendar. 

- Continuous Delivery process of a React application for a product of a automotive software solutions provider in the USA.
  • Selected by the Client as the SME (Subject Matter Expert) in React of my team, which involved the role of provide Cross Team Pull Request reviews, (The dynamic was that each team had a SME and every PR had to comply with the approval of at least one SME reviewer and two more developers).
  • Custom React ejected recipe.
  • Jest integration with enzyme for unit and integration testing with a locked threshold of 85%.
  • Local, Development and Staging Dockerized environments.
  • Helped the designated team that created the mono repository UI Component library to maintain and update existing core application components.
  • Learned to handle side effects with a custom Redux recipe proposed by the project architect to automatically register the action creators, reducers in the same use-cases with function generators and redux sagas as middleware.
  • Learned to handle and abstract logic for react components with selectors with reselect. 
- Creation of a custom web app from scratch with Angular for a company in the finance sector where the user was able to process and exchange currency and keep continue track and stats for future references.
  • Angular 5/6
  • Jasmine Testing suite.
  • VCS and CI with Gitlab, CD running scripts with PM2.
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FreelanceJanuary 2015 - January 2019

Freelance Software Developer.

Soft and Service
  • Creation of a custom web app with HTML/JavaScript and Bootstrap.
  • Creation of the UI of a Desktop application using JavaFX. 

  • Creation of a custom web app for a client in the Medical sector.
  • React 16 Create-react-app CLI
  • Redux implementation.
  • React Router to handle navigation.
  • Creation of medical reports for specific patients with the implementation of canvas to manually generate custom measures of x-rays and highlight them while be able to generate and export the reports. 

Mes études et formations

Electronics and Communication Engineering - University of Guadalajara.2011 - 2016