Mihaela-Florentina M.

Front End Developer

Externalisation nearshore
2 ans
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PentalogJanvier 2021 - Présent

Front-End Developer within the Pentalog group.
  • Training on front-end development / JavaScript techniques and best practices, following an internal roadmap, with a mentor.
  • Internal integration by understanding the organizational culture.
  • Adjusting to the business practices.
  • Proper alignment with the company's vision.
  • Learning how to work according to the Agile methodology.
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Front-End / JavaScript Intern - PentalogJuillet 2020 - Septembre 2020

Front-End / JavaScript Intern within the Pentalog group.

in an intensive training session focusing on front-end applications
development, using JavaScript, ES6, React.js, and Redux
  • Study of the main concepts and notions related to building front-end web apps.
  • Implementation of the acquired knowledge in practical front-end applications.
  • Learning vast knowledge about front-end development.
  • Completing different tasks with JavaScript and ReactJS as a main focus.
  • Creating different programs.
  • Debugging using Chrome dev tools.
  • Building single page web apps that communicate with the back-end via RESTful API.
  • Implementing UI mock-ups.
  • Handling / creating Redux data store.
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Google Developers Student Club TTUJanvier 2019 - Janvier 2020

Front-end Developer within Google Developers Students Club - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University.
DSC are university based
community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies.
  • Front-end Department member.
  • Worked on an internal project.
  • Learned JavaScript, Angular.
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Summer School “De-ale viitorului” - INFORMATJanvier 2019 - Janvier 2019

Mentor for high school students.
  • A series of Summer Programs for the purpose of organizing courses and other relevant activities for socially disadvantaged high school students.

Mes études et formations

Computer Science - Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi.2018 - 2021