Long N.

Full Stack Developer

Externalisation nearshore
5 ans
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Division of a main telecom operatorAoût 2021 - Présent

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BUNBUSeptembre 2020 - Juillet 2021

Full Stack Developer within a software development company.

Overall Duties:
  • Participating in outsourcing software development projects for Japan and domestic markets.
  • Designing, architecting, developing, maintaining client systems on both back-end and front-end side.
  • Participating in Agile/Scrum teams and projects.

  • Remote job with a Japanese team and another Vietnam team: Using Clean Architecture, Domain Driven Design (DDD) for architecting and implementing prototype code (Kotlin) of an API service of a project that uses Big Data-related technology to statisticate user's TV channel viewing habits to build predictive models.
  • Designing and developing a kindergarten management product of a company in Japan. 
  • Technology stack: Spring Boot and ReactJS.
  • Remote job with a Taiwan-based International Team using English as main communication language: Designing and developing a web application that will be used for a product promotion campaign of a beverage company in Japan. Technology stack: Spring Boot, Reactjs with TypeScript and Observable as Redux middleware.

JAVA, Spring, Spring Boot, React.js, TypeScript, Redux, Kotlin, Agile, Scrum, DDD
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DTS SOFTWARE VIETNAMMai 2017 - Août 2020

Full Stack Developer within a company that offers offshore development services for enterprises and outsourcing services including housing plan and design construction, 3D modeling of construction materials, and data entry, etc. for financial industry, communication, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Overall Duties:
  • Participated in outsourcing software development projects for the Japan market, especially for DTS Corporation (a Japan-based information service company) in a wide range of business fields (Financial, Banks, Asset Management, Shopping Service).
  • Designed, developed, maintained enterprise systems both back-end and front-end.

  • On the back-end side: utilized Java, Enterprise Java Bean, Java EE, Apache Struts Web applications, Spring Framework (Spring framework, Spring Boot) to develop back-end services for client systems (API Provider Services).
  • Designed RESTful API services for user management, database management systems.
  • Writing unit test code with Junit.
  • Configured, troubleshot and tuned Relational Databases including Oracle and MySQL.
  • Designed data models, created complex and efficient queries, partitioned tables for system improvements.
  • Conducted quality assurance testing (writing test cases for unit testing).
  • On the front-end side: utilized ReactJS (ES6, Redux, Observable), jQuery and some Java web front-end technologies (HTML templates like JSP, Thymeleaf) to develop the user-interface for client web-based applications.

JAVA, Java Bean, Java EE, Apache Struts, Spring, ReactJS, ES6, Redux, Observable), jQuery, Spring Boot, RESTful API, Oracle, MySQL, HTML, JSP, Thymeleaf

Mes études et formations

Information Technologies (Software Development) - Vietnam National University of Agriculture.2012 - 2017