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Ioan H.

Mobile Developer

Externalisation nearshore
20 ans
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Online Market Research SpecialistAugust 2022 - Présent

Senior Android Developer.
  • Analyzing the source code and identifying the points which must be changed.
  • Identifying the proper architecture required to be used for the project.
  • Adding a series of changes to the current version of the app by doing complex refactoring operations which were required for an app that had to be up to date according to the latest standards.
  • Testing the solution and fixing different issues.
  • Continuing to make different optimizations in the code trying to follow as close as possible the SOLID principles, and other OOP principles like low coupling / high cohesion between components implemented in the code.

Android, Retrofit, Hilt, Instrumentation Tests, Unit Tests, Retrofit, Realm, Software Architecture (MVVM + Clean Architecture), Data Store, Room, Share Preference, Kotlin, Coroutines
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SteelcaseJanuary 2021 - January 2022

Senior Android
within a leading manufacturer of furniture for offices, hospitals, and classrooms.
  • As a team member I was involved in developing and refactoring an internal project called RoomWizard for Steelcase company.
    Technologies involved: Azure Devops (Boards, CI/CD, limited AOS interventions), Android, Kotlin, Android Services (background/foreground/bound services), MQTT/REST calls, material design.
  • Applications developed for Android platform using Kotlin/Java/HILT/Retrofit/MVVM/Clean Architecture/ Dagger/HILT/Testing/OOP/Compose/View-Data-Binding/Services/Content Providers/ETC.
  • Developed a new POC app called FixitWhiteA.
    My goal with this application is to apply the MVVM + Clean Architecture and all features promoted in Google IO 2021-2022 regarding: composer, material3, foreground/background and bound services, testing, etc.    This project contains many functionalities and architectural use cases, used to offer a starting point for a high-quality app when need it to be build.
  • Based on point b) I started (this is still in progress) to build a real time calendar scheduler app called FixItCalendar.
    This will run on a special wall device connected to any calendar service provided by a vendor like Google Calendar. The device can be put on the wall and the app can be used inside the house to notify the family members about different daily events or occasional events.
  • More experiments on NDK, automotive (next) domain using Android/Kotlin apps.

Android, Kotlin, Java, Retrofit, MVVM, Clean Architecture, Dagger, HILT, Testing, OOP
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3SS (3 Screen Solutions)January 2016 - January 2021

Senior Web/Android Developer for an acknowledged leader in system integration, software engineering, UI/UX design innovation and solution architecture. 
  • Android Java / Kotlin applications running on custom devices and mobile devices.
  • Involved in projects developed for Android Tv platforms for clients like,, using Java, Kotlin languages.
  • FixItPoc – Mobile white-label application, released into the google play [].
    Built using MVVM pattern, layer architecture and Kotlin language.
  • Other personal applications using Python, JavaScript, Java and Kotlin, experimenting some AI libraries and implementing the Watson support for AI Assistant.

Kotlin, Java, Android, Gradle, Mockito, Espresso, Roboelectric, Firebase, retrofit, httpok, MVVM, Statemachine, flavors, datastore, Android Studio, Glide, GraphQL, Room, Hilt, Dagger, GIT, Figma
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3SS (3 Screen Solutions)January 2015 - January 2016

Web/Android Developer
  • Led and implemented an automated testing framework using Robotium and Java to test UI android application for
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SysgenicJanuary 2002 - January 2015

Web Developer for an IT company from Transylvania Romania with experience in designing and developing software solution.

- Dozens of projects for Web technologies: JavaScript, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Backbone.js, AngularJs, ReactJs, Kotlin-ReactJs.
  • During this period, I developed my own CMS application using technologies above. I developed solutions for clients in France, Germany, Romania, and Nederland from positions like senior software engineer, team leader to software architect.
  • Developed more than 100 websites/portals and for most of them implementing my own concept and architecture.
    Also, I worked with teams as an active member for different projects using technologies and tools.
  • During this period, I developed and delivered solutions built over some very popular frameworks like: WordPress, Magenta, PrestaShop, I led and had the opportunity to create the architecture and implementation of the solution for two small, automated testing frameworks using JavaScript and Python as programming languages.
  • More other technologies, library, frameworks with which I have worked related to this period: TypeScript, Backbone.js, AngularJs, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, Compass, LESS, Gulp, Bower, Responsive design to achieve goals like building websites, portals, widgets, and more other custom web applications. Google-spreadsheets applications - automatization process.

Some patterns, languages, frameworks, and technologies with I have worked during time:

- Java, Kotlin, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python
- OkHttp, Retrofit, GIT, Firebase, GraphQL, RxJava Plugins, Gradle, MCP, MVC, MVVP, VIPER, etc.
 - AJAX, XHTML, DOM, XML, Automation Tests [Java (Robotium) and Python (STORM), JASMINE-JavaScript, Protractor-Grunt, E2E tests, AngularJS, BackboneJS, GWT, SASS / LESS, Grunt, Gulp, GIT, RequireJS