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Adrian P.

Scrum Master

Externalisation nearshore
14 ans
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  • English language proficiency
  • 14 years of industry experience
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Mon expérience

Digital Ordering Solutions ProviderDecember 2021 - Présent

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A Fintech of Innovative Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology ProductsOctober 2021 - Présent

People Master.
  • Facilitating the Pentalog team members' integration within the external customer work environment.
  • Coaching and/or mentoring team members in order to enhance proficiency & team morale.
  • Identifying and removing potential impediments that could decrease team performance.
  • Managing steps of the external customer collaboration framework (leaves validation, timesheeting for invoicing, feedback loops, talents replacement, etc).

Agile, Scrum Framework, Communication, Feedback & Coaching, Problem solving, Team engagement
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BCRAugust 2017 - September 2021

Scrum Master for a financial group in Romania that offers a range of products and financial services.
  • Coaching team members and helping them to define the vision within Agile way of working.
  • Helping team members to facilitate Agile ceremonies (Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Planning, Sprint Retrospective, etc.).
  • Assisting the product owner with the product backlog and budgeting tasks.
  • Shielding the team from interferences and removed the roadblocks, to ensure a timely and qualitative delivery.

Process Governance Expert (August 2017 - July 2020).
  • Managing New Way of Working (Lean methodology) implementation in new areas in the organization.
  • Identifying talents and building a team of Lean Process Experts able to scale New Way of Working to the entire organization.
  • Tailoring the Lean methodology for BCR pilot and organization-wide scale-up
  • Ensuring success for different projects and initiatives where Change Management area is involved.
  • Advising the stakeholders regarding organizational changes & maintaining the BCR Operational Book.
  • Defining the regulations & procedures governance framework.

- Involvement in Change Management projects:
  • Implementation of the New Way of Working in Operations area in BCR (500+ employees).
  • Designed the New Way of Working methodology (Lean methodology tailored for BCR needs).
  • Process redesign and preparation for migrating to a new IT platform for Retail Collection areas.
  • BCR Transformation program - E2E organization transformation under the guidance of one of the biggest consultancy firms worldwide.
  • Redesigned the BCR change management flow.
  • Redesigned from scratch the BCR Operational Book (structure and detail level).
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Raiffeisen Bank RomaniaApril 2008 - August 2017

Lean Process Expert for a universal bank on the Romanian market, providing a complete range of products and services to private individuals, SMEs and large corporations.
  • Applying Lean Methodology using unit and/or E2E approaches.
  • Creating material information flow analysis (MIFA).
  • Creating analysis of the measured activities (picture of the day, average touch time, 8 waste analysis, demand capacity, rigidity analysis, etc.).
  • Identifying the waste within the process steps and coming up with the improvement ideas.
  • Creating and delivering presentations for the stakeholders.
  • Agreeing with the stakeholders on improvement ideas and the road map for the implementation (tactical implementation plan).
  • Instilling a continuous improvement approach.
  • Managing the team to reach the agreed objectives of the transformation (where Stream Leader position applies).

Lean transformed areas:
  • Next generation branch - retail network branches: process improvement, staff orchestration, increase alternative channels usage, branch layout redesign, customer journey improvement, refresh sales and service management tools and less paper and paperless at retail network level - Lean Process Expert and Stream Leader - Q1-Q4 2016.
  • Accounting and financial controlling division (main allocation on Business Intelligence department, Cost Management department and Business Lines Controlling department) - Lean Process Expert and Stream Leader - Q3-Q4 2015.
  • Human resources directorate (main allocation on Recruitment department and Development department) - Lean Process Expert - Q1-Q2 2015.

Involvement in other projects:
  • Refreshed the tool of the capacity management for the retail network (close to 3000 employees).
  • Redesigned the platform that collected improvement ideas from all employees.
  • Redesigned the archiving flow for the retail network.
  • Redesigned the budget overrun work flow (paper to digital).
  • Digital cash (migration of cash transactions from branches to ATM/MFM).
  • Paperless branch (implementation of digital signature and electronic archiving).
  • Robotic process automation (Blue Prism).

Branch Manager (April 2008 - December 2014).
  • Coordinated the agency activities, maintained and developed the existing customer database.
  • Identified the potential customers and presented them the bank’s products.
  • Identified customer needs, recommended appropriate products and services.
  • Provided supervision of retail lending, activity to promote electronic payment service Multicash type, promoted and signed cards issuing contracts and card acceptance services to merchants.
  • Ensured the achievement of the designated income/cost ratios by reaching indicators drawn by the group management.

Lean Network Manager (January 2013 - October 2013).
  • Coordinated the implementation of Lean concepts and tools across all the agencies within the retail group, ensuring the fulfillment of the project specific goals: identifying and eliminating waste, improving efficiency in services, increasing customers and employees satisfaction.
  • Created a framework that encouraged the communication and shared the best practices and the generation of ideas/improvement initiatives with local and/or national impact. 
  • Performed the diagnosis for the processes and flows specific to branch level, together with the Branch Managers and the Lean Navigator (where present), identified the areas on which we needed to act in the improvement process.
  • Designed strategies and tools (whiteboard layout, spreadsheet based support tools, etc.) in order to ensure a sustainable continuous improvement approach post-implementation.
  • Encouraged the agency staff to identify areas that needed to be improved and to forward ideas of improvement to the decision makers through Vocea TA (Your Voice) platform.

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Intranational Law and Legal Studies - Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. 2000 - 2004

Bachelor's Degree in Business and Managerial Economics - Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. 2000 - 2004