Sergiu G.

Software Developer

Externalisation nearshore
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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Leading Sportswear ManufacturerJanvier 2020 - Présent

Front-End Developer.
  • Front-end development within the project according to specifications.
  • Rewriting a part of the application in React.js.
  • Providing estimates on the features to be developed and implemented within the application.
  • Bug fixing.
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Sgapps.ioNovembre 2018 - Décembre 2019

CEO / Full-Stack Developer within a company providing full-stack development services and solutions.

Visual recognition.
- YZ Project at  intelligence-photo-search/.
MixedPlatform Project at

Crawlers / Proxy Robots via Tor Networks or other methods.
- Description:
- Was built system of crawlers with real-time speed adjustments.
- Was emulated real user flow to minimize detection possibility (Example: Building Aggregated Database of Auto-Parts).
- Technologies/Languages: NodeJS, JavaScript Native under Module Pattern.

Advanced WebPrograming for Front-end and Back-end.
- Description: Building.

Video Chats
- Description: Cores of Video Chats based on WebRTC.
- Technologies/Languages: HTML5 APIs, MongoDB, NodeJS.

- Description: Peer-to-Peer Messengers ( Application Cores ).
- Technologies/Languages: NodeJS, JavaScript Under Application Prototype.

Code Scanner for Virus Detection
- Description: PHP Virus Scanner that helps developer to find confusion code zones.
- Technologies/Languages: PHP.

Independent Consultant for Developers in US.
- Building App cores and algorithms.
- OpenStreetMap Servers.
- Automatic Sync (delay minutes):
- Mail Server with Audit System.
- Ability to view the employees writings to clients.
- Ability to view customers who write to your employees.
- Storing mails encrypted.
- Easy BackUp System.
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American ClientsJanvier 2016 - Juin 2019

IT Consultant for various American clients.

FuseLab Creative LLC (United States).
- (Worked as a consultant and full-stack developer).
- NodeJS, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Cloud Solutions, Servers Management, ReactJS PHP (WordPress).

Four Seasons Roofing
(United States).
- WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

(Moldova) and ABC Solutions (Moldova).
- HTML and JavaScript (Programming under Module Pattern).

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Specialist in field intervention management IT solutionsAvril 2016 - Mai 2016

Front-End Developer.
  • Estimation, development and implementation of new features.
  • Ensuring that the pages of the web application have a responsive design.
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Like a BirdFévrier 2016 - Avril 2016

  • Development of back-end and front-end components.
  • Providing technical solutions to improve the user interfaces for contest creation.
  • Bug fixing.
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SolutiMai 2014 - Février 2016

Web Developer.
  • Analysis of the project requirements and proposal of technical solutions adapted to the client's needs.
  • Front-end development: application design, mock-up creation etc.
  • Application development and implementation according to the technical specifications.
  • Investigation of the technical issues reported by the client, proposing and implementing corrections and fixes to ensure a proper functioning of the applications.
  • Maintenance of the developed applications.
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Pentalog InstituteAvril 2014 - Avril 2014

Developer within a project for sharing files (similar to DropBox) dedicated to the problems of collaborative development which assures intellectual property protection for each member of the system. The system consists of a desktop Windows application and a web server platform. The goal of the system:
- Sharing files between employees;
- Synchronizations of files in P2P mode;
- Backup of files on company dedicated server;
- Automatic signature of contributions;
- Tracing contributions of each member;
- Grouping of the files within a collaborative project;
- Setting up files permissions for all project members by the owner.
  • Development of the e-commerce application and synchronization engine between members.
  • Providing new functionality behind the e-commerce framework Sylius and file versioning components.
  • Creation of a middleware platform for file synchronization.
  • Participation in documenting the deployment process for the application.
  • Testing and bug fixing.
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Voyage PriveMars 2014 - Avril 2014

  • Back-end development:
- Creation of new features with Symfony2 and Symfony 1.4.
- MySQL databases management using Doctrine ORM.
- Carrying out the development process remotely via SSH tunnel access.
  • Front-end development:
- Implementation of Responsive Design techniques (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript).
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Remote Meter Reading Solutions SpecialistJanvier 2014 - Mars 2014

Front-End Developer.
  • Building templates and views.
  • Developing libraries for structured data view.
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Online Media CompanyOctobre 2013 - Janvier 2014

  • Front-end/back-end development.
  • Implementation of new features.
  • Development of JavaScript libraries/modules.
  • Creation of templates in Jade/CSS/JavaScript.
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Anvos-ServiceMai 2013 - Septembre 2013

Freelance Developer for the IT field.
  • Study of the project specifications and development of solutions adjusted to the clients' needs.
  • Maintenance of the developed applications and bug fixing.
  • Search Engine Optimization for a minichat system and an online flower shop so as to ensure that the websites are placed among the first five positions when performing a Google search after several key words.

Participation in the development of several projects:

-  - free online web project editor with realtime view, with GIT support, code highlight edit, hex files edit, programing course builder, slide show presentations. Addiotional functionalities include: Encryption: TEA, AES128, AES256 etc. Editor has ability to edit HEX Files, including free plugins: GIT Snippets (INIT, Clone, Remose, Config, Pull, Push, Reset, Checkout), Switch Edit Mode (HEX, Hex-Mizex [right col], Text, Binnary), Export Project in ZIP, Import Project from ZIP, Library import, video lessons.
- - a website developed for a company providing high quality medical services, based in Israel. The company offers a complete service package facilitating the patients' stay: flight reservations and accommodation, transportation services and medical translator during the entire investigation and treatment process.
- - a minichat system;
- - an online flower shop;
- - the website of a travel agency;
- - a real estate website;
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Developer - OPTIMUM WEBSeptembre 2012 - Mai 2013

Web Developer within an IT development and outsourcing company.
  • Development of an application based on Zend Framework.
  • Creation of a project based on the MVC architectural model.
  • Add-on development for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  • Collaboration with American and German clients.

Participation in the development of the following projects:

- - a website for a center for innovation management studies;
- - a website for a company providing comprehensive vision care services including eye examinations, prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, and treatment of eye disease and injury.
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YOPESOJuillet 2012 - Septembre 2012

Web Developer within a company providing software development, hosting and system administration services.
  • Development of several projects including PHP applications APIs for HighCharts.
  • Development of a framework similar to Backbone.js.
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Anvos-ServiceAvril 2012 - Septembre 2012

Web Developer within a company activating in the IT field.
  • Analysis of the project specifications.
  • Implementation of solutions corresponding to the client's requirements.
  • Bug fixing in order to ensure application functionality to the required quality standards.
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DevelopmentAIDFévrier 2012 - Avril 2012

Web Developer within a leading, innovative membership organization offering services to the international development sector.

Participation in the development of the company's official website:
  • Definition of the appropriate technical solution.
  • Writing of the functional and technical specifications.
  • Website development according to the company's requirements.
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Personal projectsDécembre 2010 - Avril 2012

MCU and IT Developer.
  • Web development - object-oriented programming using JavaScript, HTML, CSS technologies.
  • AVR MCU development using C and ASM languages.
  • Configuration of the web servers security on Apache servers.
  • Working under several operating systems: Windows, Linux.

Development of the following projects:
- Plug and Play LAMP server: LAMP server is used on a USB flash; websites can be portable, and stored on a USB flash.
- Mass Mail Sender with user management - the application includes: email list management, email editor, programmable email sender.
- Website Builder System named "FaceBOX" with Clients Management.
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TotusCOMMars 2007 - Décembre 2010

Software Developer for a system integrator in the IT and electronic communication field providing installation, maintenance and technical support for hardware components as well as web design and development services.
  • Analysis of the project specifications.
  • Solving the cross-browser compatibility conflicts.

Participation in the development of several projects:
- - the presentation website of a real estate rental agency in Chisinau;
- - the presentation website of a car rental agency in Chisinau;
- - the website of a company dedicated to providing exotic car rental services in Chisinau;
- - a website created for a car rental and limousine service company;
- - an e-commerce platform allowing users to buy online different products and services at reduced prices, using vouchers.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ENGLISH: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker
RUSSIAN: Native speaker




JavaScript, XSL, Assembler, ANSI C, VRML, VBScript, PHP 4, TypeScript, XML, ASM, C/C++, Bash scripting, C#, Delphi, Visual C#, PHP 5, ObjectPascal


AutoCAD, Proteus




Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB

Web Technologies

AngularJS, Angular 8, Redux, jqPlot, Symfony, Backbone.js, CSS3, CSS, Bootstrap, Vue.js, Symfony 1.4, XHTML, React.js, HTML, SASS, LESS, Chart.js, HTML5, Three.js, CodeIgniter, Symfony2, Zend Framework, jQuery UI, AWS, Node.js, Angular Material, jQuery, AJAX

Analysis Methods and Tools

MVC, Material Design

Open Source solutions

Doctrine, WordPress, Twig, CakePHP, Phalcon, Sylius

Environment of Development

Visual Studio,, JADE, PhpStorm, SVN, Microsoft SQL Studio Express, Visual Studio, GIT

Application Servers


Embedded and Telecom

Verilog HDL, Atmel AVR, Raspberry Pi, ARM Cortex-M3, Verilog HDL, ARM Cortex-M3, Microcontrollers, PIC, ATMega


React Native

Networks and Systems

Linux, FreeRTOS, MacOS, Windows

Mes études et formations

PhD Studies in Neuro-Plasticity Implementations, Prosthesis Building.2019 - 2019

Master's Degree in Nanotechnology and Microelectronics - Technical University of Moldova.2011 - 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Nanotechnology and Microelectronics - Technical University of Moldova.2008 - 2011