Olga F.


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Youth Mentoring Agency01.06.2016 - 01.08.2017

Python / Django Developer.
  • Back-end development.
  • Implementation of web features for a mentoring platform developed from scratch.
  • Delivering features by using Clean Code best practices.
  • Working within an Agile team.
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"ScriuCod" Startup01.03.2016 - 01.08.2017

Co-Founder / Mentor / Administrator of an IT startup, based in Brasov.
  • Helping children between 8 and 13 years old make their first steps in coding activities or improve their existing coding skills.
  • Preparing custom learning content.
  • Mentoring students.
  • In charge of follow-up activities with parents.
  • Planning the classes.
  • Maintaining a good customer relationship.
  • Responsible of billing and invoicing.
  • Collaboration with other mentors.
  • Steering the company.
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Telecom security and simulation solutions manufacturer01.04.2014 - 01.06.2016

  • Writing test cases.
  • Tests execution in order to identify possible bugs in the application.
  • Automation of the test cases; execution of automated tests on the application.
  • Reporting of the identified issues and update of the bug tracking tool.
  • In charge of development activities using Sikuli, Jython or Android Studio and Java.
  • Leading the tests automation team.
  • Responsible of planning activities.
  • Progress reporting.
  • Communication with the client.
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Pentalog01.01.2014 - 01.04.2014

Participation in an extensive training on Selenium software testing framework.
  • Study of the Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver (2.x) components: implementation and execution of test scripts.
  • Automation Framework Design: creation of reusable components in Selenium (C#).
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Ocea Smart Building01.11.2010 - 01.11.2012

Tester / Test Leader.
  • Carrying out functional tests, regression tests and validation tests, etc.
  • Writing of test reports.
  • Identification and reporting of the identified errors.
  • Analysis of the specifications and update of the documentation on wiki.
  • In charge of the competence transfer and the training of new testers.
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Elster Coronis01.04.2007 - 01.05.2009

  • Carrying out functional tests, non regression tests, validation tests etc.
  • Identification and description of the identified bugs.
  • Reporting of the errors to the development team.
  • Writing of test reports.
  • Writing of the functional documentation.
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Ministry of communications development01.02.2007 - 01.03.2007

Carrying out a study on the research methods, the implementation technologies of the Electronic Administrative Regulation and the experience of other countries in the fields of e-government, e-business and e-medicine.
  • Design of the automated information system.
  • Design of the business processes.
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Ministry of communications development01.07.2006 - 01.08.2006

Participation in the research by the implementation of the system and in the development of the informational domain.
  • Administration of the Access data bases (files description, data processing, modifications).
  • Participation in the modification of the database architecture.
  • Carrying out a preventive study of the information to assess the results of the application.
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Moldavian company01.06.2005 - 01.07.2005

Technological internship within the Centre of Communication and of Access to Information.
  • Carrying out the study of a network in a Moldovan company.
  • Carrying out technical drawings and images for the website of the organization.
  • Carrying out drawings of electrical circuits.
  • Modification of the HTML files.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

GERMAN: Beginner
ENGLISH: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Advanced
FRENCH: Advanced
RUSSIAN: Native speaker

Networks and systems



Python, SQL, XML, C/C++, JAVA, JavaScript, Jython



Web technologies

Django, HTML, ASP.NET, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery


Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite

Analysis methods and tools


Development Environment

Visual Studio, Android Studio, GIT, Gradle

Application servers

Apache Tomcat, Solr



Open Source solutions


Software testing

Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Rational - Functional, ADB Tool, Automated testing, JMeter, Manual testing, Sikuli, TestLink, UIAutomator


DIVA API, Jenkins, Project Management, Team management


Corel Draw, Photoshop

Mes études et formations

u02baPeople and Project Managementu02ba Training - Session 2.2012

u02baQuality Deploymentu02ba Training. 2011

Master's Degree in Economic Information Technology, Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics - Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.2007-2008

Bachelor's Degree in Informatics, Computer Science French Section, Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics - Technical University of Moldova.2003-2007