Larissa M.


Externalisation nearshore
4 ans
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Provider of Social Media Monitoring SolutionsOctobre 2018 - Présent

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PentalogMars 2018 - Octobre 2018

QA Automation Engineer (Intern) within the Pentalog Group.

Participation in development / testing of an application, focusing on software development for test automation.
  • Designing and writing efficient and reusable code for automated tests (OOP, Page Object Design Patterns for web automation).
  • Writing efficient automated test cases for a known application.
  • Periodically running tests and test regression suites on releases.
  • Identifying issues after tests are run and generating reports of tests passing statistics.
  • Collaborating with both the development team and the testing team.

Putting into practice the knowledge on software test automation, focusing on the following aspects:
  • Improving knowledge on one programming language from the following: Java,C#,Python, Swift, Kotlin, Php, Javascript.
  • Code design: Page Object, Factory Design Patterns, OOP.
  • Automation framework structure: tests, library, identifiers, utilities.
  • AAA automation tests structure: arranging, acting, asserting.
  • Developing automated tests throughout the software lifecycle: smoke, regression, etc.
  • Reporting bugs if found.
  • Investigating issues in case of failing tests.
  • Fixing and maintaining tests.

Mes études et formations

Studies in Computer Science, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science - "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University, Iasi.2015 - 0