Ivan T.

Full Stack Developer

970 dollar
15 ans

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JC DecauxAugust 2018 - Présent

 In charge of design, architecture and implementation. I started from scratch a new digital solution for agent management. The solution was designed to be interconnected with all the existing Information Systems. The solution is able support 100 requests per minutes and generate more than 2 giga Bytes of data per day. As architect, I design the new connection and software architecture and also as development team leader, I support the team to implement the solution.

* Workshop animation.
* Technical management of Team.
* Delivery process
* Continuous integration test.
* Clustering machine learning and path optimisation using dishra
Data Management:
* Kafka cluster (build on top of AWS EC2 instance)
* Insert business file with flume in Kafka
* Kafka analysis with spark
* Scikit learn for linear regression analysis
Functional Environment:
* Supply chain (functional, cost and strategy)
* Advertising and RGPD
Technical Environment:
* REST, Webflux
* Kafka, ELK, Spark, Flume, AWS (EC2, EKS, RDS ..)
* Java, Kotlin, Python3, Jenkins, Docker, Angular
* Postgres, ElasticSearch
* Mobile iOS (Swift) and Android (kotlin)
* Wireless connection (Beacon and WIFI)
* Team of 15 engineers and 1 subcontractor.
* Agile Backlog Management.
* BDD, TDD, Clean Architecture
* Reporting
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Groupe Paris TurfNovember 2015 - August 2018

Architecture and implementation from scratch of a digital solution for horse trainer. The solution was part of innovation service and everything was built from scratch. We introduced Machine Learning and clustering solution. As architect, I define all the connection, the system blocks and finally the framework for technical solution. As team leader, I support the development team to implement the solution, we introduced Clean Code (Hexagonal Architecture), BDD, TDD in company stack definition.
-    Functional study.
-    Workshop animation.
-    Technical management of Team.
-    Delivery process
-    Continuous integration test.
-    Functional requirements.
-    Supervised Machine learning (regression) for horse valuation.
 Data pipeline management:
-    Hadoop cluster (on promise hardware)
-    Data Analysis with Spark
-    Scikit learn for linear regression analysis and clustering
 Functional Environment:
-    Horse Training and valuation
-    Supply chain (subcontractor management)
-    RGPD
 Technical Environment:
-    JSON-REST, SOAP, Web Service
-    Objective-C and Swift, Java, Python3
-    Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, helm
-    Hadoop (Hive, Flume, MapReduce, YARN)
-    Team of 8 engineers.
-    2 subcontractors (UI/ UX and hardware solution).
-    Agile
-    C level Reporting

Technical and Mobile team leader (Nov. 2015) 

As architect and team leader, my team and I implemented an online betting solution. We kept relying on existing Information system and we added live betting and live odds. By the end of build phase, we had 60K of daily connection and around 25K bets per day. This solution was built from scratch and the objective was to introduce the company into online betting relying on his dominant position in newspapers. I roughly manage 3 teams of 12 developers (iOS and Android native and also back-end spring).
-    Technical management of Team.
-    Delivery process.
-    Continuous integration test.
-    Functional requirements.
 Functional Environment:
-    Online betting and RGPD
 Technical Environment:
-    Angular2, Cocoa Pods, JWT
-    npm, Grunt, Gulp, bower, Jenkins
-    Swift, Java, kotlin, TypeScript,
-    Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, helm
-    Git
-    Team of 6 engineers.
-    Agile

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NeopostFebruary 2013 - November 2015

* Software architecture.
* Native development (iOS 7, KitKat, QT 5.1.1)
* Security management through certificate and PKI.
* Single page web app using AngularJS.
* Continuous integration setup Jenkins
* Technical management of engineers in Scrum/Agile
* Certification Management.
* CocoaPods
* npm, Grunt, Gulp, bower, Jenkins
* Swift, Java
* Git
* Team of 13 engineers.
* Agile
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PortimaJanuary 2012 - February 2013

 * iOS software Development (iPad) for insurance brokers
* Android software Development (ICS) for insurance brokers
* Bank and insurance
* JSON-REST, SOAP, Web Service
* Objective-C, Java.
* Team of 3 engineers.
* Agile
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Total immersionMay 2011 - December 2011


-    Specification and parameters management.

-    Software development (iPhone, iPad and Android)

-    Test and validation.


-    Eclipse, Xcode4.1, Testflight

-    Objective-C, Java, JSON-REST, SOAP, Web Service

-    Objective-C, C/C++, Java.

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NDS TechnologiesJanuary 2010 - May 2011

-    Applicative development (iOS)
-    iOS remote control for setup box (UPNP).
-    Middleware development (linux)
-    Development of Network IP module for Setup Box.
-    Documentation (javadoc, doxygen, etc.)
-    Development of compilation tools
-    Test and validation.
-    Eclipse (JDT, CDT, Pydev)
-    Objective-C, C/C++, Java, Python et script bash

Médiane SystèmeSeptember 2006 - December 2009

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Université de StrasbourgFebruary 2006 - June 2006

Development of sampling systems and signal processing.

Design of photo diode in CMOS technology.

Mes compétences


MongoDB, PostGreSQL, MySQL


Machine Learning, Software Development, ElasticSearch, MapReduce, Spring Boot, Web Services


Continuous Integration


Scrum Methodology, Test-Driven Development, C Programming Language, Objective C, Microsoft Windows, Data management, Apache Flume, Python Programming, Technical Management



Application servers

Apache Web Server

Open Source solutions


Big Data

Apache Kafka, Hadoop

Embedded and Telecom



C++, Java, TypeScript, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, Verilog, Visual Basic, Matlab

Analysis methods and tools

FMEA, Junit, Gradle, Apache Maven, Agile Methodology


Django, REST, Angular, Spring, OpenGL, AngularJS

Software testing

Cucumber, Unit testing


Cocoa, Ionic, Android

Environment of Development

PyDev, Eclipse IDE, Code Composer, Xcode

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel



IT Infrastructure

iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Docker, PKI, HAProxy, Nginx, Git

Mes études et formations

Executive MBA - ESSEC Business School2019 - 2020

Certificate, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence - MIT Professional Education2019 - 2020

Leadership organisational - Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr2019 - 2019

Mastère systemes embarqués, Informatique - ECE Paris2006 - 2007

Masters Degree, Microelectronic - University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg2004 - 2006

Bachelor of Science - BS, Ingénierie électrique et électronique - Université de Strasbourg2003 - 2004