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NMB Bank PlcApril 2018 - Présent

• Collaborate with internal/external teams (DBAs, Product Managers, Solution Architects, Security teams, etc.) in; Designing solutions, Prototyping, Developing, Testing, Maintaining and Supporting software/systems.
• Acting as the main point of contact for all key issues relating to the in-house applications, servers, and other application resources/information.
• Database design, implementation, optimization, replication, etc 

• Managing and making sure the team keep up-to-date system documentation, solution design, architecture diagrams and security checklist for every system/service or integration
• Leading in Source code management and making sure every developer pushecodes to the on-premise GitLab
• o Leading in server management i.e. working closely with Datacenter, Network
• and Security team in making sure servers hosting applications and
• services/API are healthy and working as intended
• o Lead and support junior software developers, providing advice, guidance and
• recommendations.
• o Project Management.
• o Coordinate system testing efforts by providing timely written and verbal
• technical expertise and test plans for new feature/software releases and
• conducting unit testing of new feature/software before release.
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NMB Bank PlcApril 2016 - April 2018

watching or playing football. Management Trainee at NMB Bank Plc, Tanzania
Worked at departments/units mentioned below: -
- Data Management & Analytics
CONTACT o Acquire data from primary and secondary data sources and maintain
PHONE: databases and data systems
+255 (0) 653 666 201 o Interpret data, analyze results, translate numbers and facts to inform

EMAIL: strategic business decisions

Thedan06@gmail.com o Providing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to
management and business units
ADDRESS: o Develop and implement databases, data collection systems and other
P.O. Box 6556, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. strategies to optimize data quality

WEBSITE: o Providing expertise in data storage structures, data mining, and data filtering
https://resume.dustanmbaga.com/ and cleansing
o Manage banks data warehouse
o Integrating other systems to BI tool and consolidating reports
o Data quality assessment, analysis, pattern and trend indication and visualization of data insights.
o Establishing data collection, storage and quality standards, Troubleshooting data submission errors and issues

LANGUAGES & FRAMEWORKS - Core Banking & Payment Systems and Self-Service Channels administration

- PHP (Laravel, Yii2 and CodeIgniter) and support
- Java/Kotlin (Spring Boot) o Monitoring payment applications and services performance and analyzing
- Android (Kotlin/Java/Ionic) disk space in their servers as well as performing backing up and recovery.
- HTML5 o Management and support of core banking system and other payment
- CSS3 (Bootstrap & Material Design) systems
- Typescript/JavaScript/jQuery o Reviewing unusual transactions and preparing various reports
- Angular 7
- R Programming, Python, .NET and C#

- Business analyst and solution designing

* Working closely with Business people to understand problem statements
DATABASE and design and propose solutions
SQL Databases: o Collecting requirements and gathering data
- MySQL/MariaDB o System design, work-flow and architect diagram preparations
- Oracle Database (PL/SQL) o Working closely with Project Managers and Software developers to
- Microsoft SQL accomplish projects chosen
- PostgreSQL

NoSQL Databases: - System Administration and support
- MongoDB o Assisting in Cloud solutions and collaboration tools such as OneDrive, Office
- Firebase/Firestore 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint

* Monitoring Systems performances, Servers' memory, CPU and disc (storage)
utilizations as well as network and heat status.
GENERAL IT SKILLS o Assessing, deploying, and implementing hardware and software upgrades.
General: o Analyzing network and preparing various reports such as Core router and
- Microsoft Office such as Excel, Word Data utilization
- Microsoft Active Directory, o Backing up applications data
- VMware / vSphere o Creating/managing policies, users, groups and organizational units in
- RStudio (for Data analysis) Microsoft Active Directory

Operating Systems: o Supporting IP Phone, Cisco Jabber, mobile devices (iOS and Android)
- Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Windows o Monitoring network nodes using various monitoring tools,
Servers 2003, 2008, 2012 RC, 2016 o Microsoft Windows Servers and Linux servers' administration,
- MacOS 10.6+
- Unix/Linux (RedHat 7, CentOS 7, - Help Desk and NOC
Ubuntu, Linux Mint) o Receiving and solving incidences or assigning/escalating some incidences to
- Android 4.0 + the appropriate unit (i.e. Second level)
Source Code Management: i.e. Tracks trending of issues and escalate, as appropriate basing on the SLAs.
- Git o Documenting procedures for troubleshooting and incident
- GitLab (Online & On-Premise) resolution/solution
- GitHub o Monitoring ATMs and Self-Service Channels (USSD, Android & iOS app, B2C
- Bitbucket and C2B channels), Core-Banking and Gateway services.

Web servers o Prepare and share daily system health check reports to management
- Apache HTTP Server
- Oracle WebLogic Server 12c R2 - System Security, Governance and Control
- Apache Tomcat o Reviewing IT Policies and preparing some of its supporting documents i.e.
Standards, Guidelines, Process and Procedures and making sure that
Cloud platforms: they do comply with accepted frameworks such as COBIT 5, ITIL and ISO
- Amazon Web Services (AWS) 27001.
- Digital Ocean
- Microsoft Azure o Preparation of various report such as; Security Assessment, Risk Register,
Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and Antivirus daily status report
IDEs and other tools: o Working with teams in different ICT units to identify existing risks (i.e. risks
- JetBrains Tool Box (IntelliJ IDEA, before applying controls) as well as residual risk (risks after applying
PhpStorm, WebStorm, DataGrip etc) controls) in their units.
- Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Atom, o Train fellow employees in security awareness and procedures as well as
STS, Eclipse, NetBeans,
- MongoDB Compass providing technical security advice
- Postman o Reviewing Change controls and Logical access in various logs and systems.
- MySQL Workbench, Sequel Pro, o Implement network security policies, application security and access control
- WinSCP installing and configuring Ant-virus software
- Teams/Skype/Jabber
- iTerm2

* Monitoring network traffic for unusual activities, identifying system
vulnerabilities (by using Nessus), policy-violating configurations and malware

that attackers could use to penetrate organization's network
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Dar es Salaam Institute of TechnologyMarch 2014 - May 2014

Technological/Innovative Shows, Movies IT Support (Field Training) at DIT March - May 2014 & February - April 2013
and Listening to Music (- Reading books and online articles o Supporting and helping professors and lab technicians on computer related
- Playing and watching Football matches issues and incidents
- Enjoy other sports particularly dancing, o Computer and software installations and maintenance
basketball o Computer laboratory maintenance.
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Manga Mpakani Secondary SchoolMarch 2011 - September 2011

o Teaching science subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
o School's football team assistant coach.

Mes compétences

Yii2, Yii Framework, XML, WinSCP, Windows Server, WebStorm, VMware vSphere, VMWare, UNIX, Ubuntu, TypeScript, Troubleshooting, TCP/IP, System Design, Supervisor, Sublime Text, SQL, Spring Boot, Software Development, SMS, SFTP, Postman, PostgreSQL, PHP, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle, NetBeans, Nessus, MySQL Workbench, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, MariaDB, Linux Red Hat, Linux, LDAP, Laravel, Kotlin, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, Java, ITIL, iOS, Ionic, IntelliJ Idea, HTTPS, HTML5, HTML, GitHub, Git, Eclipse IDE, DevOps, Database Design, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Management, CSS3, CodeIgniter, CentOS, Bitbucket, Azure, API, Apache Web Server, Apache POI, Ant, AngularJS, Angular, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Agile Methodology, Active Directory